Best additives for valve clicking. Review: this brand works fast, results  permanent, cheaper in the short and long term

Best additives for valve clicking is Mega Power. This brand works fast,  results are permanent, cheaper in the short and long term. Our review.

As you might know, if you've been inside a greasy mechanic's repair shop, every engine transmission part coming out of an engine or transmission is covered with itk!

A rich black greasy coating covers ever part.

If you think about it...

You can see, if you think about it, how that tar-like coating gum's up engine parts - and the tough job of cleaning involved by your mechanic.

That goop is the end result of sticky piston rings allowing combustion to slip pass the top of your piston. We call it blowby!

 Called Blowby, this 800 degree plus vapor escaping pass your pistons mixes with your motor's oil- ...sludge is the result and that is how your engine valve parts gets dirty and what's causes your engine tapping. The best additives for valve clicking stops blowby and the clicking

The picture shows the pistons and valves dirty and clean as a before and after treatment by something I call the engine valve treatment - that  frees and cleans such - the tapping just goes away - and the engine runs geeat again!

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