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I'm the nets expert on this - that is what you need, and I guarantee to end your worry, and have your cars and equipment running "good-as-near-new again, trouble-free years pass what other methods offer." ...Read the many testimonials saying so.

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auto tune up and repair options login

This site is different in many ways. Details for first timers to this site

This is a DIY educational site  for mechanics - they are not trained in chemical problem solving. Parts stores and quick lubes sell older, useless products with HIGH profit margins.

Some products are actually harmful. I'll clue you in on these.

Auto tune up and repair options login  - the education you get here

You might call auto tune up and repair options login  - the auto tune up and repair options login  - with education you get here to easily do DIY Problem Solving 101 for your car and equipment problem.  

We - auto tune up and repair options login  don't just list products to sell - and say they are the best like other sites do. No!

We prove it! 

Each product - from Mega Power - the leader in new Hi-tech problem-solving, problem preventing products - contain chemistry thinner than oil,  and Mega Power goes where oil and gas cannot to clean, free, smooth, condition and ad protection when done - tens of thousands already use to do what you are about to do to end your problem.

Auto tune up and repair options login  - the education you get here shows you what causes your problem, how it got that way.  

We tell you what products work to end it - or are harmful - you need to avoid.  

A demo or illustration on the page you go to will help you, too.  

...and you can call me for help, also. ..................................................................

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A demo or illustration on the page you go to will help you, too.  

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Don't forget - you have me, a mechanic that trains mechanics   Those are the DIY options for you and why the word "option," is part of the site name. You will be glad you checked us out!

Then we walk you thru the correct install steps, and how to test that you solved your problem. And guarantee  your results!  

2 refunds last 268 days

That is why

This is a valuable site for you and your family - who own cars and want the best for them.  Ready anytime you and yours need us.

To get started, the buttons on the left list the most sought-after fixes.

The home page on the bottom of that page list the table of contents.

The problem covered is in the title and that page gives you your help and product ordering info.

Spend time reading a page or to once or twice to get my method called auto tune up and repair

That is the confidence we have on how to get your vehicle up and running great again - the best way possible, and the least inexpensive way, too!  

This is how you will avoid the eventual, more serious failure if you do.  

Phone or email for personal help 

To order what you need, or want help, or have a question, call or email me at 1 512 665 3388

Email: Prompt replies always.  

Mail: Include your problem, product wanted, phone info. Checks OK  

Mail order request to:

George Christ. Mega Power.

210 Durango Street.

San Marcos, Texas 78666 

For faster delivery call-in your order to me at 1 512 665 3388


Details for first timers to this site. 

Spend a few minutes on this better way to take care of your vehicles and you will avoid many thousands in premature failure, need for repair, or costly replacement. ...END 

Your fix is done by new, problem-solving, anti-wear ingredients from the leader in this field - Mega Power.  

They invent from research what works, I use my 30 years experience to find what works best and how, then explain all that to you in a DIY fashion for you to do yourself.  

I'll show you what causes your problem, what specific product works to end your car problem, how to install them correctly.  

You will learn how your problem started, and what specifically ends it.  

Each tip and product remedy is field-tested by me  

They are proven by folks who ordered them, and every day by many mechanics, whom I trained, and supply the very same products with, month after month.

Doing so my way - I'm being helpful here, not bossy, will instantly restore problem vehicle to its former like-near-new performance, zip, and power again.  

I show you how to do a before and after test you will want to do! 

That is why this site  

Is the best place to purchase engine, transmission, power steering, tune up, wear, Hi-mileage problem-solving products. And this point...

Your DIY tip and product fix is guaranteed to do as I say or no charge to you for trying my suggestion and products. 

Thanks for coming to my site. If you want personal help - just call me. That is what I'm here for....George  

Other points of value that makes this site helpful for you  

1.While mechanics will use this site, I made it for the non-mechanic to find the best way to end their car problem themselves, following my simple Do-it-yourself "recipe, for that problem.

I do this by explaining the technical side of your problem and the steps to end them in a simple style any school kid can understand.  

2.The products you will use do both the fix and also help add years more great dependable service to the vehicle its added to. You get your fix and years more like-near-new performance from what I tell you to do and use.

I think that is a good way for you to benefit from my DIY expertise all your life.


Remember this about your car


When new your cars pistons, bearings valves and gears were clean, smooth, and moved freely. That's when your car had the most zip, the most power, best performance, and greatest fuel economy.


Over time, your motor, transmission, and other components, and their pistons, bearings, valves, gears, and such become wear roughen and sticky.  

As time goes by, 

Those conditions keep reducing the power your motor makes. Some of it absorbed along the way so that even less power is left to turn the wheels, and those conditions drops your speed. More fuel overcomes this deficit and gas wasting increase.  

This gradually introduces many new power-robbing, wear increasing, performance deterring problems - of which, you came to the right place for and end to them.  

I will show you the DIY way to end the problem it causes you and get your car, truck, equipment, RV running great again. 

The inside secret of how like-near-new power is restored: Reveled  

That power is consumed to overcome the sticky residues and wear-roughen surfaces take what power is made to overcome the consume.

Those conditions steal power that should go to make you go faster. Instead they cause dozens of wear, leak, and performance problems - those that really speed-up wear-out, years faster.  

Now, I'll show you new products you can use to end those wear increasing, problem-causing problems, you may be worried about. Those I discovered in my research - for what works, and what does not!  

I'm an expert in this - to your benefit, as you will soon see.


I fix my cars and equipment the same way as do tens of thousands of car and equipment owners do.

And my method keeps thousands of vehicle rolling down the road running great and trouble-free, many years longer than those who follow traditional methods of fixing and maintenance.


Now, I show you what works


And what does not. Those are the options You get here - plus a quick education that will help you all your life. YOU get all that - and my guaranteed remedy!

Is that what you're after? Look around and learn more.  

Each of my DIY Do-it-yourself tips and product suggestions work great and fix problems no other product can.  

We confidently guarantee your fix to do as advertised, or no charge to you for trying them. Try them with confidence - you will be glad you did - I promise. 

See what customers say - or go ahead hit the buttons, or do the scanning to find what you need. 

•"On my brand new Ford Diesel pick up - your treatment stop the oil seal leak the dealer could not figure out how to stop - on 3 different tries. BB [Too much blow-by - a common engine problem our fix corrects, even new engines have].  

•98 Honda owner - no longer burns 2 quarts of oil between oil changes. The mechanic said a $2000 would fix it. Mega Power restored it power in less than 30 minutes - and its been running great since then - for less than a $100, not $2000.  

•"Stop my valve lifter tap in minutes when a synthetic oil change couldn't.  

•"I bought my Chevy Astro Cargo Van with 124,400 miles on it. Your oil change treatment ended its sluggish ways, a rough idle, and it quite burning 2 to 3 quarts of oil between oil changes. I thought it was worn out! I thought a new motor was needed!  

•"Within a mile or so, it started to run as smooth and strong as ever. I thought it was worn out! Thanks for telling me about Mega Power.



•Your Mega Power Treatment picked up a good 40 more miles driving distance between fill ups. It stop the nasty drip on my drive.....You get the idea. 

Here is how to purchase what you need for your car, truck, equipment, RV, motorcycle, even industrial machine, wear and tear problem.  

End their engine, transmission, power steering, cooling system, fuel and tune up problem - the best way - the cheapest way possible! 

These are my options.

Those thousands are using to end their car problem and so can you!

These options will fix your problem and put off or avoid the need for repair.  

Here is how to begin. 

•Bookmark this site for future reference.

•Next, Hit the Blog Button. Top left.

•Sign up for... updates, tips, and special offers.

•Next, scan the buttons for the help you need.

•Or... You can scan site content page titles below.

•Or... Call ME or Email me for the personal help you need.  

That is what me, and the DIY, auto tune up, auto repair options are for. I'm george christ. America's Car Care Expert in all this.

Call or Email me if you have a question about your car, need DIY advice, or want help on what you need. Call 1 512 665 338 day or evening. 24/7 Email: ...George  

More about my method to end your problem. Is a quick-acting, pour-in-an-drive, DIY Do-it-yourself remedy.

Each "fix" and tip also restores the like new performance of your older car, equipment, machine - then keeps it that ways for years. That is what is amazing about what we offer you. More on this on the page you go to.  

Those advantages has save me and thousands of others tens of thousands of dollars of now avoidable repair, avoids fuel waste and lousy mileage, and pre-mature replacement expense. And they will do the same for you - because my method of care has proven to do so. 

I’ve shown thousands of mechanics, and also car owners – those that don’t know a gas cap from a radiator cap how - in a few easy, DIY steps, how to end their car and equipment wear problem no one else can. Probably, your problem, too.


The products I suggest you use  for your problem are field-tested and work for that problem everyday.

Other sites may tell you to check your "code," keep your oil and filters clean, read the manual, and such.  

That’s not good at all to help you. You need someone who understand your problem, can explain how it got that way, and what works to end it – so you can easily install them and end your problem. Then guarantee the results promised.  

That’s what my DIY options provide you; here at: auto tune up and repair 

The products for your fix  

Also do something no other product brand can.

The ingredients that do your fix are new anti-wear ingredients from Mega Power. The Product Leader in all this.  

My part is to identify your problem, tell you what you need, and how to use the product to get the results you want.  

My way will give both you ailing and great running vehicles great protection a second lifetime of like new zip and performance. 

Use them in every car and piece of equipment you own. 

The end of your problem - by itself, or as the inside half of a good tune up or repair is what proves your on a wear-reducing experience. So, please don't think this is for cars with a problem only. That would be a costly mistake. Time will support this conclusion - as many people doing so, agree.

Knowing these tips and suggestion will help you avoid tens of thousands of dollars repair and premature replacement expense – all your life. I like that part the most!  

My DIY secrets are here for you  

Not knowing this information is what is taking thousands of dollars out of your family budget - years sooner than you expected.  

I'm here to help you end that problem. Have the best running car again. Take the anxiety of what could be from your car problem - away! They will keep more of your family's budget money - in your pocket, that now goes to into the pockets of filthy-rich, parts-making, parts-selling moguls, and Hi-salaried new-car-maker executives - for their mansions, their huge boats, their jet airplanes, that they and their family enjoy - at the expense of you and yours.  

So, do the following to find the product you need to end your vehicle problem - the DIY way - my way.  

Here is how to begin. 

•Bookmark this site for future reference.

•Next, Hit the Blog Button. Top left.

•Sign up for... updates, tips, and special offers.

•Next, scan the buttons for the help you need.

•Or... You can scan site content page titles below.

•Or... Call ME for the personal help you need. That is what me, and the DIY, auto tune up, auto repair options are for. 

I'm george christ 

America's Car Care Expert. Call me if you have a question about your car, need advice, to order products from me, listed in my DIY, auto tune up, repair options site.  

Call or Email me, for personal help at512 665 3388

Email me at: ..... 

Scan the content list below. One or two clicks will give you the DIY info you need - and you can always call me - I'm a mechanic, and an expert in this field.

Enjoy the best DIY way to end your wear and tear problem... george 

links: Link Directory 740cb2707f901a2c26953a09dde3b270. 

I'm here to help you as the country's top expert </B>with 35 years experience in this expertise. I'll help you find the right product, show you how to install it properly, and explain why that product will work best for you - to give you confidence to restore your cars former great running condition in this way, yourself, if nothing has actually broken yet. 

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