Auto Repair zip 78666
Local respected repair shop. No complaints.

auto repair zip 78666

Rudy's auto repair zip 78666

Auto Repair 78666 Local respected repair shop. No complaints.Auto Repair 78666 Local respected repair shop. No complaints.

auto repair zip 78666

Got engine problems .....

         Rudy's Auto Repair Zip 78666 is one of those repair shops customers love.

         One reason is helping vehicle owners with additives to end their older car engine worry's.

Ends car problem expense worries.

        Such worry's occur as problems develop.

        The engine starts consuming more fuel. sends out black smelly exhaust. Starts a tapping knock that sounds harmful. Rough idles, and stalls. Is full of sludge. Has fumes leaking from the engine from compression blowby. All signs of an expensive future.

        "Solutions now vary," say Rudy.

         Repair? - Cost for actual repair can scale up to $4000.

         Additives? From $25 to $450.

         Not all additives are safe," Rudy says.

        "Avoid $25 to $100 "quick flushes. They can be harmful!"

Auto repair zip 78666 Featuring Rudy's Automotive

More auto repair zip 78666

         Instead, Rudy selected the Slo-wear's Engine Treatment.

         Not a harmful solvent like in other additives. Slo-wear contains safe chemical cleaning, freeing, an friction reducing. Ingredients proven to end engine problems and enhance engine operation. Often a race car owners winning edge treatment.

         For the car owner trying our additives, those features end the problem. Assure a permanent fix. Savings can be huge! Up to $4000.

         Equipment and car owners report an instant fix and like-new performance. For new, and for older cars an heavy equipment.

For more  information, call or drop by Rudy's Auto Repair zip 78666.

At 1234 Hi way 35 south. Between 123 and Wonder World Drive - next to holiday inn. Call for appointment. Drive in's welcome. 512 665 3388

Rudy's Auto repair zip 78666.

End auto repair zip 78666

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