Mega Power Auto Repair Shop Servicing Products. Bumper to Bumper Servicing Kits. Works faster. Better Results from their 3 Features.

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Repair Shops Owners:

Looking or more profit, better results in shorter time, these 6 Mega Power Additive Component Servicing Kits should be your House Brand for their 3-in-1 Bumper to Bumper features.

  1. These 6 treatment centralize your additive inventory. Each kit has needed cleaners, conditioners, protectors in a kit.
  2. These 6 centralize instant, responsive pre-cleaning, customer pleasing problem solving, smoothness, long term protection, for every bumper to bumper component.
  3. These 6 centralize in one kit your House Brand, your Repair aid, all Tune additives, your Servicing preclean, old fluid change out, with superior protection ingredients.
  4. One other benefit: Often a profit maker for suddenly appearing bumper to bumper problem solving - at low cost with a guarantee, that ties future repairs to your shop. Ends their quick lo/cost solution at your business - not a competitors.
Worn MT feeder 6x6Mega Power's Top to Bottom Engine Servicing Kit. Adds what new parts do, but to older parts. A tune and repair aid product

Mega Power's

Top to Bottom Engine Servicing Kit. 

Returns a bigger engine quieter feel by ending friction drag, ends ring and valve combustion  problems.  Removes carbon an sludge and friction.   Adds 20 to 40 more miles to each tank of fuel each week. Easy to install. Instant smoothing operation.  Does the rest of the repair new parts don't cover. Profit maker day in day out.

The 6 items include all you need for a complete engine service.

  1. Fuel system and fuel injector cleaner.
  2. Intake, combustion area carbon remover for piston head and valves head.
  3. Cleans clog catalytic converters. The 3 lower emissions raises engine vacuum. Ends blowby.
  4. Removes engine sludge. Stops seal and gasket leakage.
  5. Frees rings valves and lifters ending their power eating, tapping  cause. Smooths friction roughen surfaces for smoother engine power response.
  6. Adds a slippery film to enhance lubrication, seal cylinder wall film to keep more power going to the wheels. List as a part and service. I'll show you how.

Set of 3, 6 or 12

Mega Power Auto Repair Shop Servicing Products  mean one kit with 4 profit making features. Works faster. Better Results. Ease of use. Expands your profit making reach features.

Mega Power Additive Bumper to Bumper Kits
- provides a $25 to $400 profit boost on each repair, in just 6 kits.
- opens doors you've been trying to open for more income making in shorter time spans.
- Comes with a minimum stocking amount of 3 each. Refund if not satisfied.
Join Their Profit Growing Program for it. Its not an option. Its an income growing necessity for Auto Repair Shops Owners looking for a way to reach the next income level.

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