Alternative remedies:
Easy-to-use products to end your engine, transmission, steering, radiator, and air conditioning problems yourself.

Great alternative remedies: Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items needed, call me... george at 512 665 3388 

    Did you know: tens of thousands of car and heavy equipment owners have restored a like-near-new performance - to their older cars, diesel rigs, RV, and motorcycles using a certain set of additives? 

     And so can you! Here is the method. Use additives that:

  • Free and clean sticky, sluggish internal parts with a conditioning cleaners like Mega Power #93, #55, and #15.

  • Then do an oil change a week later adding friction modifiers, worn surface filler, and a valve and lifter conditioner like Mega Power #10, #95 and #15.

     These easily end engine, transmission, power steering problems, and the other ends radiator cooling system and engine manifold head gasket problems - shown above.

      NEW PRODUCTS FOR YOUR CAR that work as the alternative option to end dozens of engine, transmission, and other component mechanical conditions - chemically - not possible BEFORE, except by costly repair.

About "Mike's engine product fix".... shown below

Mike said,

"I was afraid to drive my car on long trips. It sounded like rock music gone bad!

After I installed your motor treatment, my car changed to running from noisy to one that run as good as the symphony music" I listen to - to pass away the drive time. Long car trips," Mike says, "in this same car give me no worries now - thanks to the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment - (shown below.)

What you should know.

Shown below are new easy-to-install products to end your car's  "ill health" problem.  Any engine, transmission, power steering, radiator cooling system and engine manifold head gasket, steering and a/c problem - as long as its not a broken repair need.

They work because they end negative wear and tear z,  and that complex chemistry is needed to  end your motor or transmission car and equipment problem. For help....

Click the pictures below or buttons on the left. They show you my way is the easy way to fix today's cars with todays Hi-tech products.

Click this picture for engine alternative car repair remedies problem solving products.

Click this picture for transmission alternative car repair remedies and problem solving products

Click this picture for radiator system alternative remedies for heating rusts gasket leak problems..

Click this picture for power steering leak, noise grow, chatter, hard turning ending problems..

These alternative car repair remedies are install  Do-It-Yourself automotive treatments invented to end or prevent your cars, trucks, heavy equipment, generators, RV’s, industrial equipment, wear and performance decline problems.

They have been added to help new motors run better on the assembly line. In huge ship motors - in millions of vehicles.

Your vehicles and equipment will continue to run great, for years with my tune up and repair Alternative remedies, compared to those using other methods. You will find their engines, transmissions, etc., require repair or replacement years sooner and oftener - than yours. So, adopt this method of care as your best way of vehicle problem solving.

The benefits are years more restored and like near new performance - lasting years past common methods sold everywhere.

The above pictures and buttons on left take you to dozens of alternative car repair remedies and auto tune up and repair info you need.

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About me... and the help you need I giving you here - use it!

I'm a special kind of mechanic whose expertise has helped thousands of car owners fix their engine or transmission by cleaning, freeing and conditioning. That is the "fix" your car or equipment really needs.

Remember - If left on their own, you know that  internal conditions of friction and residues at some point, speed up, like a race car to the finish line. That will be take you years sooner need for a costly car overhaul repair - yes, it will!

Does your car sound and run like it use to?  No! That is why you need these  products as they have healing power - I guarantee you will see and feel the improvement you want almost instantly!  How so?

This alternative uses chemistry to repair mechanical negatives. This stops the problem, avoiding that more-costlier wait and see approach - and amazingly, restores years more dependability back to your cars. 

Call me if you have a question or to order by phone... George 512 665 3388

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