Add And Drive Additives.
A new way to end engine tranmsission and radiator problems

Which car owner are you?

   Two car owners. Same car problems. Two different solutions.

Which is better? 

 Sam, a car owner, researches my auto tune up and repair options. He reads what other sites suggest. Likes the unusual option for my repair idea. Orders what's suggested. Installs the items as directed. Drives a bit to work the problem out. That amazing fix puts Sam back on the road in a few hours. Over the next few days the car runs better and better. Sams total cost for the treatment is a few hundred dollars.

    Sams sees the Mega Power Brand additive options installed removed sludge and friction and ended his engine problem.  Later he services his  transmission, radiator, steering and a/c  to keep problems away, also. He is amazed to see his other cars, and this one, his 7 year old car with 125, 379 miles to its former quiet smoothness. It seems like he get to rerun the last 50,000 miles all over again.

     Dale, the other car owner, takes his car to several mechanics, gets conflicting estimates, then chooses one of them. Waste a week's time. Pays $3000 for the fix. Told, it still may need more work as other parts sound troublesome. Dale may need to go in debt for a new care to avoid costly problems older vehicles have.

Which persons experience do you want to follow?
2 Cars. Same Problem. 2 different results. 
For Sam's way?  Do the following... Read over the sites solutions and give my auto tune up and repair options the way you end your car diesel rig, truck, tractor, boat, motorcycle, race car, and repair shop wear and tear problem-solvers. You're paying for them now - but not getting their benefits. 

My auto tune up and repair options is the one you're really looking for. Puts you in control of How Much you spend to keep your cars going.  Using the sites links and menu buttons. Or by calling me, if that's better.

Girl calling car hood up

Your Better Car Engine Problem Solution.

     Its mystery, explained. 

     An easy to do, add-n-drive remedy for techs, mechanics, repair shop, equipment owners - and people who want to save money ending car problems this way. 

  • Not just for people who don't know a radiator cap from a gas gap. Now, anyone can gain thes add and drive additives and gain their benefits.
  • Ends problems removing the root causes of engine problems - 
  • You would think all additives do that - but they don't remove Friction and Sludge - Chemically. It's our secret. ....
  • And nothing heals their internal damage - ending your car problem, avoiding their repair need - as this does!
  • Works just as well to solve most any transmission, radiator, steering and a/c problem. Begins doing so in 10 minutes most users say. 
  • Does anyone one else? No!
  • ... How to end your automotive problems.

       Fortunately, for most car and diesel problems its friction and residue Part Hangups - that cost $3000 and more to replace  -  their formula NOW corrects as you drive.


     Women get it

     Why you should want to add endurance to your care and repair solutions if a repair shop owner.

         Rudy Espenosa Auto Repair, says:  "Thanks for your help and products over the years. I believe I owe my 35 year long repair shop success following George's suggestions to add his winning edge additives to each car I worked on - as customers could tell I did something better to it. Some went elsewhere and notice the competitors method did not give their cars the zippy, stronger, quieter feel I gave them using your Mega Power Additives gave them. They made me look good in the customers eyes! 

       They told me after the repair or service, when it gave the zippy, stronger, quieter feel it never had. I believe your products uniqueness help me out last over 20 competitors, who came and went. 

     I get top labor - and am always booked for work. And I believe its given me a growing customer loyalty.  It helped me and Becky put 3 kids through college, and gave us and them a nicer life.

     Thanx for sharing an unbelievable secret.  I know that because friendly competitors ask "what my success is owed to" - when told, "I put your additives in the gas and oil on every car," they say, "couldn't be so..."  Rudy...

     More ways to help add endurance

    - Shown here.  My gallon of the secret formula.  Buy it here.

  • No matter car truck tractor boat motorcycle problem. Large or small. New, to even high mileage - no matter.
  • Removing sludge and friction removes horsepower. Remove sludge and friction for a, what feels like a bigger engine response. Yet, gives 20 to 40 miles more distance on each weeks fuel up - all from a sludge and friction removal way to care for vehicles.
  •  Works, even if some said, "it needs a $4000 to $10,000 new engine."


    This better system of car care - and their operating problem-solving from Mega Power additives. 

    And me explaining the details for its periodic usage, I call the car/equipment best auto-tune-up-and-repair-options. Will help you avoid tens of thousand$ in now, and over your lifetime. The goal: to avoid repair and replacement expense 

  • You're paying for those benefits whether you use it or not. Your help start now!

  • I teach you here - the auto tune up and repair avoiding method - to preserve your money, and the second costliest things you own. 

This home page directs you to those better care and repair avoiding options that do so.

  - Foolish vehicle owners go the cheapest route now - using  the, pay dearly later, method. This avoids that pay dearly later expense - by slamming the brakes on wear - and its problems. By reclaiming the last 50,000 miles to use over again. of the costliesr parts of your vehicles.

Ending wear and tear problems for car and heavy equipment owners - All options free to test. All a NO RISK OPTION to see for yourself why this is best car care preservation method ever invented.

    FedEx to your door in 3 days....... 

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