What is the different benefit to end car and equipment problems you offer?  Answer:

I'm a different kind of mechanic. I always service your car using a special treatment to rid it of trouble causers - first - to see if that ends the problem.

My shortcuts : to solving other ENGINE, Transmission, Radiator, Power Steering, and A/C problems

To do so, I use problem-solving additives.  They are my auto-tune up-and repair-options.

  • You will notice they are an add and drive solution. That is a good  auto tune up and repair option.
  • They fix any performance, tap, sludge, wear, friction, oil burn, rough shift. leak, and such problems - chemically. That is a good  auto tune up and repair option.
  • You will find - them easily - after their first usage... the best, the fastest, the cheapest, and only guaranteed solution you didn't know existed! That is a good  auto tune up and repair option.
  • One product line for ending bumper to bumper fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, power steering, and a/c mechanical problem chemically - Think, like medicine and vitamins for vehicles. That is a good  auto tune up and repair option.
  • They are... often solutions hidden from you so others can pocket from your spending more to end your problem That is a good  auto tune up and repair option.


  • Have vehicles run trouble free
  •  - as if having a newer bigger motor.
  • Pays you for using my method many times over.
  • Provide years of trouble avoiding service for doing so.
  • Take time to understand this valuable care and repair option.
  • That is your auto-tune up-and repair-options.com here!

  What you need I have for you!

    That's because, what you need, right now, is an Expert on your problem - me, george christ and my auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com web site to help you find a cheaper, faster, better option for you - To end the problem and others in the making i know are hidden inside.

     A site to train Mechanics - but offering an easy enough solutions for any man or women with a vehicle problem to end their problem by..

    That's because...

      Unlike a repair shop - whose training is to replace trouble-causing parts... at $2000 to $10,000. You want to avoid that expense.  - 

      Unlike a parts store, quick lube, or web site- who buys stuff to resell  - expecting the buyer to know what he needs.

      Instead... You need Me... to guide you.  Why?

      .... With the World's largest Automotive com·pen·di·um  of concise but detailed information to help you especially in a website, and my personal knowledge to help you, is a valuable solution.

      What you should know!

    Our additive is a treatment. Our treatments do a most complex fix! 

    The fix happens as your drive! Complex actions cleans, conditions, and friction modify's. Then fills worn spaces returning a near new clean smooth quiet operation. That process returns a like-new function and ends every internal internal problem known in anything mechanical.

    When it won't work and yet it works to end the problem.

    Of course, if its busted, you have to get that taken care of---

    If you did the treatment first...  the bad part shows up easily identifiable as every other part returns to normal!. Most people are savvy enough to do the treatment before repair - finding this reduces repair cost and of parts needing replaced. 

    This chemistry for your auto tune up and repair has many benefits to keep your vehicles on the road and out of repairs shops as they age. 

     Why my auto tune up and repair option prevents .

     Once you understand the fix sequence, ie: clean, free, condition, fill - you should install the clean, free, condition, fill sequence to prevent troubles when doing an oil or fluid change in all your vehicles and hevy equipment.

     Simple directions easy for the do-it your selfer end most any fuel, engine transmission radiator cooling system power steering problems chemically and Returns Your Car to Normal.

    I'm not the inventor - but I am the Country's Expert explaining How this option works and providing the recipe for the fix. 

    You Will Then Believe It's Cheaper. Faster. And Better Than Any Other Car Care and Problem Solving Invention Ever Invented! 

     Bud Esterline did their INVENTION. I SET UP THEIR EASY USAGE FOR YOU!

    You have me George Christ, the Country's Expert in Auto Repair and Care Problem Solving to help you! This page shows the option for your vehicle problem and page to go to.

    You will see my expertise provides you problem-solving  additives to solve over 400 automotive problems possible - Some thing no other source has to help you with to end your automotive problem..... You will ....

     ---solve or end  your cars, diesel rig's, tractors, RV's, boat, motorcycles, machine, or machining problem - that's upsetting your world right now in the best long term way known!

  Let's get started by doing the following:

  1. Read the BS about what people say below.
  2. Skipping that and go directly to The table of contents at the very bottom of this page for an article covering your problem.
  3. Clicking Links on right column for a help. 
  4. Clicking Blue Links listed below to go to your solution.
  5. Call me for tips and product solutions. I'm Paid to help you.
  6. All 101 % Guarantee to be the fastest, best solution - or get all your cost back with my No Hassle Guarantee.
  7. Please Note: 2 refunds ask for last 12 months. Our solutions are 99.9% successful!


- Who am I? 

      I'm george christ, a repair shop owner and mechanic, trained by the the few automotive, problem solving additive inventors - who invented what I call the fastest, cheapest, and best way to care for, an end any vehicle problem!

   How this site helps the repair shop owner.

      I've  trained  thousands of individuals, mechanics, and repair shop owners their superior care and repair invention product - I've packaged in a service to end wear and rear problems. 

     They are now missed during service and repair by the present system - intentionally. and so your problem!

     My auto tune up and repair options help repair shops follow a more profitable way to build a growing customer-loyal and profitable business for shops using them. 

    How my auto tune up and repair options helps men and women vehicles owners looking a care/ repair problem, better solution.

      It helps individuals understand how to end their complex vehicle problem sin a simple easy recipe format  - No tools needed.

 - The repair with chemicals as solutions to wear residue friction mechanical problems. 

       Auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com is an automotive compendium resource listing the use of additives recipes I've made or were taught to meet the need of car and diesel owners  needing a cheaper, faster, better option to solve over 400 automotive problems possible - their cars rigs tractors RV's boat, motorcycles, machines and machine problem have. 

    How to find your care and repair avoiding solution.

  • Bookmark the site to find it easily, later.
  • Spend 10 minutes reading a few auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com  solution pages to see how easy it is.
  • Look for blue links that may be your problem/ solution.
  • Check out the Table of Contents at the very bottom of this page for an article fixing your problem.
  • Click the links on the right.
  • Call me for help  - That's what I'm here for.

Millions are using my care and repair options because they are the fastest solution with the cheapest, yet best results.

   Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, talk to a mechanic, order items listed --call or email me... megapower@grandecom,net.   Or call me right now. Free Advice on this. george at 512 665 3388

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