Wood dash kits. And other vehicle accessories

Versa-Trim Wood Dash Kits. Taking Car Beauty and Driving to New Worlds of Pleasure. Test drive Versa-Trim luxury dash beauty at these car dealer showrooms.

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Wood dash kits. And other vehicle accessories

Joshua Christ, Versa-Trim, says...

MR Car Dealer...

Add our car-accessories-port to your showroom and finance offices - to up-sale these items. A port to new hidden worlds of travel for customers wanting up-scale features. NEW WORLDS OF INCOME FOR ACCESSORY-UP SELLING DEALERS.

New Car Buying on Your Mind? Think about this!

The Swedes English, Americans, Japaneses, Koreans, built the cars.

Mega power provides the power-train anti-wear cleaners and protectors to those vehicles running long, strong, smooth.

Versa-Trim provides the personal choice for customized beauty.

Taking Car Beauty and Driving to New Worlds of Pleasure. Test drive the comfortable euphoria of Versa-Trim Beauty at a nearby area car dealer showroom.

They more than pay for themselves. Enjoy them now. You get your money back at trade in.

Joshua Christ, Versa-Trim. Sells an Installs:
Car and pick up accessories.

•Wood dash, kits..Car-Accessories
•Dash Kits....... Beautiful Dash-Pattern-Kits
•Leather..........We have Leather Re-cover Kits
•Spoilers.........Yes! With Factory-Match Color
•Trim..............Black-Chrome New and re-do
•Gold..............New Trim and re-do
•Detail............Head-Lite Lens Oxidation Remover
•Additives........Fuel injector cleaner. 10 others.

50% off on overstock items. Ask for current list.

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WE Sell & Install. Wood dash kits, leather seat kits, spoilers,
black-chrome-gold Trim, chip and scratch. <
br>Give us a call. We are very helpful! JC Versa-Trim
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Versa-Trim Products. Takes car beauty to new worlds of pleasure

Older worn motor treatment

Wood dash kits and more about leather seat kits here