• Sell-Install-Wood-dash-kits-Leather-seat-kits
  • Beautiful, top quality dash wood kits
  • Replace factory seats with gorgeous, rich leather
  • Exchange Re-plate trim for black-chrome, gold look
  • Spoilers, grill guards, steps and more
  • Wholesale Vendor Service to Car Dealers
  • Indiviual car owner?
    You can't find lower prices anywhere

For Service. Have a question? OK to Call my cell now! Joshua Christ. Versa-Trim....1-818 730 5741

Wood dash kits, leather, spoilers, car accessories, more....

Joshua Christ. Versa-Trim Vehicle Accessory Supply:

style="color: #8B0000 ;">We Sell and Install the following dash kits, leather, spoilers, and car accessories to car dealers,
and individuals. Call for a free quote.

Wood dash kits, leather seat kits, spoilers, black-chrome. Accessories

Wood dash kits, leather, spoilers, car accessories - list

•Dash Kits.......Beautiful Top Quality 50 patterns
•Leather.........Rich, full-body Leather Re-cover Kits
•Spoilers.........Yes! With Factory-Match Color
•Trim..............Black-Chrome New and re-do
•Gold..............Re-gold chrome to gold on the car
•Detail............Head-Lite Lens Oxidation Remover

Please NOTE: Wood dash kits, leather seat kits, spoilers, black-chrome. Accessories
On trim items. We take it off, re-plate, re-install or, swap-out.

On Leather, we recover to look factory or custom on your lot.

...Like to See What-Will-Personalize and Up-grade Your New Cars?
All top quality accessories helping you sell more cars faster with a higher net.


For Service. Have a question? GET A QUICK ANSWER, NOW!
Joshua Christ. Versa-Trim....1-818 730 5741
I know What’s Hot! What’s not!

....Here are "12 Ways," OK! 13 Ways I Can Help you:

(1-) Do you need a Suggestion? (2-)
(3-)Prices over the phone. Call now 1-818 730-5741:

(4-) Need Installation, Warranty, Guarantee info?
(5-) Delivered lead time needed. Deals? Credit, P.O.Info.

To Have Me Come By - Call 1-818 730-5741
(6-) You can Fax me your needs for quick response 1-626 961-1841

Wood dash kits, leather, spoilers, car accessories, and more. (7-) I'm always near-by and happy to come meet you, answer
your questions, provide samples, prices and Delivery times.

(8-) To give you the decision making info you need.

We Sell an Install Wood dash kits, leather seat kits, spoilers,
black-chrome-gold Trim, chip and scratch repair.

This is my reputation -as others see me.
>Mike Edwards. Service mgr. North Hollywood Toyota.

"Josh has installed lots of accessories for us over the
years. His Knowledge and outstanding service is what puts money
in our pockets. Customers want extra-special service and
products that add deeper significance to vehicle ownership.
Joshua - and his Versa-Trim Company fills that need expertly."

(9-) NH Toyoto gave me a nice Reco. Thanks! That letter makes
point #9 stand out about all we do.

Point #9 is part of an attitude my Parents and JW Faith instilled
in us. It is reflected in that nice letter above - about my
business efforts and ethics. "A person needs to do the job
right....The 1ST Time - if possible."
(10-)And point #10 adds to it.'If the Good Lord feeds the
birds - we do what is right - from His point-of-view - He
will take care of us!'

To that end, we offer value - hard-to-turn-down! and work a lot
harder to make it so! Like it was to God. Then, don't try
to short-change on it! We work hard to be honest in all things.

(11-) On this, Life's-little-reminders point out: "Greed
and poor work ethics drives business away, makes you do -do overs,
and - eats up commissions fast!

"Here are Other, very important ways Josh Saves You Time
Makes-Your-Life-Better, Easier:

(12-) "We pride our selves on searching for the right Wood dash kits, leather seat kits, spoilers, black-chrome, and Accessories
....for what you want and order. Sometimes, we switch
suppliers and pay extra, out of our pocket, for over-night
Air from Canada, Mexico and USA suppliers to meet your deadlines
- and for your customers convenience. We pay out-of-pocket
expense to have a painter spray paint to get what you want fast.

"When it comes to Personalized Service, we go one step farther,"Josh says:

"We personally help your New Car Show-room Sales-people,
Service mgrs, Parts Room Mgrs, and others with selections,
advice - sales aids.
We even go to your customers home or
work - to get the items bought, installed and taken care of.


(13-)"Hey! That is all well and good!...What about #13?
What about screw-ups, and complaints....Josh?"

Quality installation, fast service and - Ooooh....Yep!
On that occasional complaint! He is right-there to take care
of that unhappy dealer, customer, accounting department <
even going to the customers home or business to save the
customer and the dealer the hassle of having the car
brought in. "No Happy, No Paycheck!"

"I Hate to say this, but, it all boils down to "My pay-check."
If you want one consistently, in the amounts you desire - your
wife desires. You just got to work-your-butt-off to make all
13 Points work!

I INVITE YOU TO CALL ME WITH A QUESTION, AND TO DO BUSINESS WITH ME. ...to visit and meet you, get acquainted and say...
"HI!" I'm Joshua Christ with Versa-Trim. ...I'm here to show you
what I can do for you!

You will get more than my best- to get the job done, fast, reasonably
priced and right - just for you!"

I answer my Cell any time. 1-818 730-5741 Fax 626961 1841

We sell and install, Wood dash kits, leather, spoilers, car accessories.
Call Me! We will add to your income-building plans - and greater
customer satisfaction.

PS: For quality chip and scratch touch-up - for that
perfect, exterior, interior look, His side-kick, Mike Mahard,
will make you happy with his chip and bumper re-new service.
818 730 5741

WE Sell and Install Wood Dash Kits, leather seat kits, spoilers,
black-chrome-gold Trim, chip and scratch. Give us a call.
You will like the way we please

Wood dash kits, leather, spoilers, car accessories JC Versa-Trim

Wood dash kits, leather seat kits, spoilers, black-chrome., and accessories

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