Why Mega Power Additives?

Like the doctor, we prescribe what products your vehcile's need - so you won't have to guess which.Like the doctor, we prescribe what products your vehcile's need - so you won't have to guess which.

Why Mega Power Additives? The products to keep your vehicles going oil and fluids can't provide - if you want that help for your vehicles.

The purpose of Mega Power Motor Transmission Radiator Steering and Fuel Additives - and their most popular usage to date, has been for millions of motorist to purchase them to correct 20 costly-to-repair, performance problems their vehicles and equipment experienceas the miles role on.

Inventor of Mega Power. Mega Power Products are inventions of Bud Esterline, one of 5 America's genius additive formulators. Out of all the additives and oil companies in the world, Chrysler found his Mega Power the only product capable of stopping pre-mature engine failure, in new vehicles. It was chosen to be added to brand new motors on the assembly line. A benefit to the future owners of their vehicles.

How Mega Power does whatit says it does compared to other popular additives that state such claims.

Most people have seen the dirty, messy condition of a motor taken apart for repair visiable in every auto repair shop being clean up. Since the 1930's, solvent-based additives have been used to clean and free binding internal parts.

Solvents have their bad side. They clean to well. What I mean is they destroy the "oil film" between moving parts.

With no oil between moving engine parts raw friction occurs.

With today's tighter, extra power-producing designs, solvents create instant, added friction by destroying the oil film separating moving parts. Increased metal-to-metal abrasion always occurs.

Solvent additives poured into an engine and transmissions - while an effective cleaners, will cause pre-mature wear-out, down the road in time, and one never suspects its solvent-cleaning based origin.

That's why our Mega Power Brand engine transmission cleaner flushes do not have solvents - but use chemical cleaners with lube charateristics to help the engine during the flush process..

Note solvent additive labels warn you against raising engine speeds and advise removal after a few minutes run. You can see why.

Bud Esterline invented a new engine cleaning formula made of chemistry - free of solvents, that liquify that harmful, sticky goo. Added to old oil, let it run up to a week cleaning away goo. Oil drained out looks like tar.

"It is the best engine transmission power steering cleaner you ever seen."The "conditioner included to go into the new oil and fluids add extra-problem-ending benefit factors."  Less friction drag produces less heat for oil to carry away, dissipate. A point easily noticed on vehicles with an oil temperature gauge - and easily noticed when mixed with axle gear fluid and wheel bearing grease 10%.

Usage at oil and fluid change intervals extends for years a vehicle and equipment dependability and usage, and fuel economy - better than any other method.

As an anti-wear...cleanerMega Power additives removes sludge, motor oil, transmission and power steering fluid, and cooling system anti freeze leaves behind, and responsible for doubling the rate of wear, even tho older, dirty oils and fluids are replaced with new.

As an anti-wear...friction reducer and modifier -MC+Mega Power stop fluid leaks, Fillups. Go 20 to 40 more miles on fillups. Fixes over 20 probles. Free Menu of Care available. go to megapower,com for more info. this web site for problem solving and tech help. 1- 512 665 3388 USA

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