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Mega Power Additives

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Listed on this site are the following:

Oil, air, fuel Filters. 5-20 micron, for cars, trucks to ships, industrial

Over 25 different Automotive to Industrial Additives for:
Large Truck, Heavy Equipment, Industrial, Marine, Racing and older, high mileage treatments, radiator-cooling-system, engine, transmission, hydraulic, drive axle, wheel and chain additives to stop excessive friction drag, metal migration, remove sticky, gummy, sticking rings, valves, lifters, seal leaks, shafts, bearings, and diesel, 2 cycle, gas conditioners, fuel injector cleaners of all types, propane fuels.

We cater and ship FedEX, UPS, USPS, to individuals, fleets service, mechanics, the service and repair trade.

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Why Mega Power restores your vehicles like-new performance

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