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Ocean Plumbers Corpus Christi

Call us for your Commercial Residential Plumbing Needs. We're up on the latest, certified for safety, and best quality products. James... Call me at 361 937-7284Call us for your Commercial Residential Plumbing Needs. We're up on the latest, certified for safety, and best quality products. James... Call me at .... 361 937-7284

Your Plumbers Corpus Christi and Around

Get a Fast Free phone or onsite Plumbers Corpus Christi estimate, with our crew immediately ready to correct on-the spot any residential commercial water leak, end sewer bath toilet and drain sewer back up, or repair or replace old water heater. Facets.

Upgrade for your remodel of kitchen bath.

Plumbers Corpus Christi with the latest tech equipment know-how, and specials to reduce overall cost. Get you back to normal and on with life again with us as your plumber. I'm James Christ.... Call me 24/7 at 361 937-7284 

  • Let us end your sewer bath toilet an drain back-up with our fast-response service - no extra charge for such.
  • If repair or replacement of your old water heater is needed, we'll show you the best upgrade, models, for all the hot water ever needed for kitchen or bath.
  • With Plumbing Schooling every 6 months to keep up, you get the latest tech and safety know-how - and experience only an expert provides.
  • We'll tell you of any specials to reduce your overall cost, too - without your asking.
  • While most all plumbers are in and out, We can get you back to normal and on with life again at a reasonable price,  conscientious in all we do. 
  • Our motto: We do it right - so we both sleep at night! 

I'm James Christ, Master Tech in residential an commercial new and repair work. Let our experience add to the lower pricing desire, as we don't have to learn your-needed-fix at your expense. Plumbers Corpus Christi

Call Plumbers Corpus Christi now 361 937-7284

You'll find why we're listed Number One in reviews on Angies list..

For expert Techs - Corpus Christi area, for sewer, water heater, sink, bath, toilet, drain, water-heater specials

Free estimate, fast service, & guaranteed low price policy

Call now 361 937-7284 James Christ repair and replacement expert

Got a plumbing problem?

    Ocean-Plumbing Cares about getting your life back to normal by ending your problem in the best way possible, for you - not us!

    We start with a Free Estimates. Next, you get Our Quality Work and only the best quality products, not exceeded by anyone else.

    Because of our broad expertise, you gain as it means we do the job faster and right the first time. Please note: No Plumbers Corpus Christi complaints last 267 days.

    You gain from our expertise as it lowers our already Fair Prices.

    Call us now! You will benefit by all that, which has made us one of the top service and replacement plumbing companies around.

    You're getting experts, not hired assistants. We do the most difficult LEAK, and water heater, sewer back-up, and faucet problem-solving technology - not helpers.

    That background assures you we will be particular about your problem - repair, replacement, or emergency. Of course, we stand behind our fix with a labor and material guaranteed, and down the road of life your know we are close by, should a problem arise.

    Call now, if you're not sure of your problem. That is part of what our background experience will help you with. Maybe that is our most important advantage for you. I hope so. Call now! We'll be over to as quick as you need us to be! ...james

    Review of services, Ocean Plumbers Corpus Christi below...

    "We do it right so we both can sleep at night."

    .....James Christ. Texas State Master Certified

Call me for: an estimate, job-bid, questions, emergency repair help.

Call 1-361 937-7284 Office FAX 1-361 937-3116

    304 GLENOAK Drive. PO BOX 18788
    > CORPUS CHRISTI, TX. 78418

The following gives you the many ways our experience can help you meet your service and repair needs, on time, on price.

We work for the best builders, businesses, and home owners. Here is why...

  1. What our customers say:
  2. "Just a nice thank you for coming on such short notice. Your explanation of our sewer problem - and Hi-Tech Methods are great!

    I did not know plumbers have an actual sewer line camera to explore sewer drain pipe problems - live, to discover the trouble, like you have. The before and after view is amazing!

    Customers says..

    "I want to compliment you on your clean work ethic, knowledge, your fixed, and your sanitary power clean of the entire system. Great little extras we appreciate, along with your fair price." GC

  3. Ocean Plumbing has a good name with every parts supplier, city inspectors, even competitors. Even my wife uses me for my "Do it right, so we both can sleep at night," philosophy. You can depend on us for quality work!
  4. Home owners and Businesses like our extra quick response to their emergency need. We know it can't wait - so, we will be there promptly!
  5. We are LICENSED, BONDED, and take semi-annual State of Texas Training, as well as the latest product technology schooling. We have trusted, trained, and courteous employees. Clean logo-identified trucks - well-equipped for Job.
  6. OUR BIDS and ESTIMATES ARE ACCURATE - and often LOWER than competitors. How so?
  7. One reason has to do with our years of varied experience. We began by apprenticing for the best and largest in the business - years ago. Today, that background experience saves hours of job-time, avoids comebacks, lowers cost to you.
  8. Our competitors up-their-price to cover their comebacks. We rarely have them. That is one more reason why our prices are lower to you.
  9. You won't get a surprise on your bill. I hate the "The bill is higher as it took longer than I thought - estimates others stick you with. Our price is firm!
  10. Besides having broad experience in every aspect of our work - which helps reduce you job-time labor, here are other ways we reduce cost for you...
  11. You will love our State-of-the-Art test, and camera equipment on the truck. No guessing, no loss time, and a lower bill for you, with that equipment working for us.
  12. All common supplies and parts on the truck - to save you billing time. If we don't - we have a time-saving back-up plan in place...
  13. We have our own "Go-for-person," to fetch parts - so we won't have to break away to go get them. This will reduce 1 or 2 hours billing time, or help reduce our estimate. One more cost reducing benefit, Ocean Plumbing offers to you.


You get all work guaranteed to please. Parts warranty, too!

Call me for an estimate, job-bid, questions, emergency repair help.

Call 1-361 937-7284 Office FAX 1-361 937-3116

[Ocean Plumbing Inc Company Trucks uses Mega Power Brand engine, transmission, and fuel additive products, to protect and increase their trucks economy and service durability]

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Ocean Trucks Run Great With Mega Power Protection

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