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Top 10 motor problem solvers.

Motor additives Contact Info: If on a smartphone, to ask a question, or order products listed, call me at 512 665 3388512 665 3388 ...George. Online ordering below.

    No one likes car trouble.

    Some times you need a repair to end them,
    sometimes you don't. This covers the later...

    New types of what I call PROBLEM-SOLVING motor additives are proving to be the fix for today's Hi-tech engine and transmission problems - avoiding the customary take-apart and hand clean ways of former car design. See illustration above.

    How To find the motor additive product you need.

    As a mechanic and tech teacher my curiosity for what works and what does not adds to my expertise in car care and fixing.

    To help you, know that 9 out of 10 motor and transmission problems listed below can be corrected in a simple install method using what I call a MOTOR ADDITIVE treatment I put together.

Motor additives: JUST ADD THEM AS DIRECTED - it's easy, then drive. The chemistry fixes by ending the car problem caused by removing wear and sticky residues thereby ending the problem using engine transmission forces to do so -  in a few minutes to a day of driving

    Get aquatinted with what works and how by reading  the info in the links below

    Restore power and performance by cleaning and protecting the fuel side, air intake, combustion, and oil side - to solve these problems:

  • Rough idle and stalling. Restore power loss
  • Stop valve tap. Stops oil leaks
  • Ends oil burning. Ends smoky smelly exhaust
  • Ends Blowby: Restores full power and compression
  • It does so in minutes!
  • End sluggish performance and lousy fuel economy
  • Simple to use. Results are immediate. Avoids or puts off repair in most cars. Also cleans the following - avoiding their cost of servicing:
  • Fuel System, Fuel Injector, Combustion, Valves, Spark Plug, Catalytic Converter and De-Smog System
  • This motor additive product end above problems in the fuel injectors, combustion area, valves, rings, emission, and oiling systems in as little as 15 minutes. Like new performance is regained by this products friction modifying of pistons, bearings, valves, and gears - as well as by the strongest cleaners available.

The Mega Power Complete Problem-solving Engine Treatment

Order this motor additive now. Enjoy a great running motor tomorrow. Comes with easy-to-follow instructions, phone help if needed, Shipped Fedex to your door in 3-4 days. Guarantee.

To ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388

Motor additives:  These 6 clever motor additives are really a chemical engine overhaul treatment anyone can get immediate near, like new performance - in a day of driving. My experience and customer experience agree, it instantly helps end these worn motor problems.


  • Click picture for Worn Motor additives details... >>>

  • Mega Power Radiator Tune & Protector. Picture

    << Our Radiator Problem Ending Service
    Ends motor overheating by removing an insulating scum in the radiator, by removing space between coolant molecules.

    A good radiator protector, stop leak, and temperature-lowering product. "Lowers high temperatures - when climbing hills, towing, in hot summer traffic with the a/c on.

    End Your Transmission Trouble This Easy Way

    Mega Power Transmission Tune Up. picture

    Add the Mega Power Transmission Treatment to your transmission. Ends Hi temperatures, the #1 transmission killer. People tell us, Mega Power "Lowers, then keeps transmission temperature cool," by reducing friction, and by removing sticky residues to free binding of gears and their shifters. Stops leaks, rough shift, wear problems, fast!

    So you can see, Mega Power Transmission and Motor additives are well thought out to provide the most good. That is true of the Mega Power Oil Treatment below - which also cools transmissions and drive axles - with its friction modifier during that job.Mega Power Oil Treatment included in our other Treatments.

    Mega Power Transmission Tune up. Picture

    This gallon has a dent - as that is the one I'm using for my motors and gears. I mix it 20% with wheel bearing grease to keep wheel bearings and hubs cool. Water proofs grease for boat trailer wheel bearings, and any marine usage.

    Mega Power Oil Treatment
    other uses: Break-in of new and rebuilt motors safely.

    Contains Friction Modifiers MC+ and anti-wear. One of the best all-purpose additives ever invented!

    A Gallon for the motor and a gallon for transmission, and 1/2 gallon for the differential is just right as a super additive to protect big trucks and heavy equipment - as they have more friction drag - and this product reduces friction and friction drag - this product is the only one to reduce metal-to-metal contact friction and stop metal migration, the fastest, most destructive kind of wear.
    General directions: Just add 2oz per quart of motor oil. Protects for 6000 miles. Just add 1 oz per quart of ATF or hydraulic transmission fluid. Protects for two years.
    Add 20% by volume to stick shift transmissions, differential gears, and front 4X4 axle gears. Protects for 2 years.

    Product ordering info. They pay for themselves many times over.

    Mega Power FISC Kit
    $49 Include s&H. Order 6 or more $35 each

    Mega Power Older Motor Treatment
    $75 each kit. Order 6 or more $50 each

    Mega Power Radiator Service Kit
    $35 each kit. 6 or more $25 each

    Mega Power Oil Treatment
    6 12oz Bottles $60. Gallon size $60

    Order by calling Mega Power Distributor below
    George Christ 210 Durango Street San Marcos,Tx 78666
    512 665 3388

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