More income for auto repair owners comes when the owner learns "P V." P.V. uses your expertise in a new way to double income in 30 days

More income for auto repair owners.

Every business owner wants more income from his business.

They try every way to Sunday to get more income - except one.

Explained here... As for me...

  • I would struggle with less-than-expected- income month after month, and blame everyone and everything as the problem.
  • And why not! I did the right things: I did good work. Offered fair prices. Even ran specials to attract customers.
  • However, the problem is inside the owners mind.
  • That bit of revealing insight I got from a seminar.
  • That led me to the story below.

here's the thing... Even when shown and hand held on  Tips to double my income, nothing worked to do so for long.

Something was missing!

I never was a quitter. However, some shop owners won't experiment. They rather suffer and have their family suffer than venture new ideas, and see them fail .

I don't know if they fear failure, thinking its a shameful event. It's not, of course. Edison failed nearly 3000 times over the years - then got the light bulb idea to work. gling auto repair shop owners:

  • If they were firemen, they would quit answering alarms because some were false alarms.
  • So, auto repair shop owners won't touch anything like what requires a little studying. "That's for school kids," they think. However, the money makers never stop learning and experimenting.
  • That is true of Learning about "P V."
  • Learning to use P V  means  tens of thousands more income for auto repair-owner to take home.

"P V" is a research term, from the psychological side of human nature, working for each human in their sub-conscious.

More income for the auto repair shop owners comes when the owner learns "P V."

As a shop owner, I have focused the subject P V down to simple its use so any  shop owner can use what they know about fixing cars - your expertise, in a new way - using P V  to double income in 30 days.

If you read this far, there may be hope for you.

You are wondering what the heck "P V" means. And, how could it double your income in 30 days?


For the business owner who wants more income - be an Edison.

If you're a fireman, you never know if its a false alarm until you answer the call.  And, you never know if the next rock you turn over will have a hunk of gold under it.

What and where we go with this!

What You need is a new idea to believe in, and new Products to support that belief.

Something  your customers will want for their car care and servicing, not given now! This must use your present car care expertise in a new and different way to motivate customers to buy services that are new and superior to what's out there.

this would have to save your customers avoidable wear and tear, extend their car life, and  avoid wear problems as their car ages -prematurely - requiring costly replacement.

It would have to produce more  business and double your take home income!

ask you to sell to them.

Customer Getters, MP U, and Mega Power has put together a  short story to help you understand how to use the number one secret of the successful.

Call me and I'll send you the article on "P V."  george 512 665 3388

See for your self. Say: "I want the Free report on PV, please," when you call.


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