New! Our Mega Power Machining Additive - added to both cutting fluids and gears cuts cost, speeds up production, cuts wear out troubles - Pays for itself many times over - machine shop owners tell us

   People come to us for help when they are having car trouble especially, as their vehicles age. More so, seeing their present car care methods isn't good enough to prevent their present car problems. 

   They like and follow our care and repair options. A sure solution to get their car and life back to normal. 

   Do you want such help? What's needed sent to your door in 3 days. Order online or by phone.

   Get that help from our menu links or this page.  Call for a one on one consultation if that helps.

Mega Power Machining Additive:
Machining with Mega Power

Machining operations also experience deeper cutting, speed increase, drop of electric draw of 10%, and other financial advantages.

Industrial, fuel & oil additives for heavy equipment.

For help, to order, and for recommendations, call me at 512 665 3388 Email:

Machining with Mega Power Improves output

Machining operators experience deeper cutting, speed increase, drop of electric draw of 10%, and other financial advantages with Mega Power added to the oils and cutting fluids.

Mega Power comes in 6 pak gallons and drums.

Includes tips, help phone help if needed when ever.

Mega Power Machining Additive

To ask a question, order Mega Power, call me at 512 665 3388 Email:

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