Mega Power Engine Protector.  Keeps engines lubed and clean when oil can't between oil changes.  

Mega Power Engine Protector. Lubes smooths keeps sludge off every part. Adds 20 to 40 more miles distance to each tank of fuel.  Works when thin engine oils can't during hot weather, year after year. The extra added engine endurance smart car owners add because no synthetic oil provides it.

Mega Power Engine and Mega Power Slo-Wear Power Train Additives for Modern Vehicles Anti-Wear. For O-W to 20 W Engine Weight Synthetic Oils and Fluids. 


About  Mega Power Engine and Mega Power Slo-Wear Power Train Additives

  • Mega Power Slo-Wear Additives exceed the car and equipment manufactures specs for performance and long life spec oils and fluids do not provide. If you want long term endurance you have to add it yourself. To see Mega Power's worth to cut in half lifetime vehicle expense by tens of thousands of dollars consider the following pros and cons. 
  • Today's vehicles have amazing engines and transmissions that produce twice the power with half the size. Their tight space designs and computer controls make that possible. To reach these new levels of service and great fuel economy, they require high-quality oils and fluids, but with low-viscosity. Today's watery-thin synthetic base oils and fluids provide high viscosity [lubrication] benefits but with low viscosity flow - hot or cold. 
  • Where lubrication and performance and wear problem exist after the warranty 50,000 to 100,000 miles distance or 5 years exist the car makers let you chose to do whatever to overcome them.

Understanding lubrication.

  • No lubrication is provided when the oils or fluids are squeeze out from between moving parts. No such additive is in the oil or fluids to do so. The car maker assures what they suggest to last 100,000 miles. Beyond that you buy what's needed. They do exist. This article covers one of the two companies making such additives. 
  • To who meet what the average consumer can pay, yet provide a a multifunctional additive package to work in a wide range of temperatures, the car and equipment makes to be competitive try to  lower than competitors. Lighter weight parts,and 6000 mile oil changes 
  • The thinner the oil, the better the wear and fuel economy gaines.

  • Each oil and component fluid meets the car makers and smog rule goals to go 100,000 miles trouble free.  Specs listed as letters and numbers are on all oils and some fluids to assure that trouble-free distance. However, oils and fluids breakdown, losing their 

  • it ensures good lubricating properties at low (-45 °C) temperatures in winter and ensures a stable oil film under maximum loads and at high temperatures in summer;
  • The high-technology combination of additives ensures good antifriction properties for gear couplings and excellent friction properties for friction elements thus ensuring a significant fuel economy, a continuous and smooth transmission shift and the extended service life of all transmission elements. It ensures a coordinated and smooth operation of clutches. It prevents scuffing;
  • It has a high thermal-oxidative and chemical stability and resistance to the high-temperature thermal degradation throughout the entire service life. It allows reducing lacquering, formation of sludge, soot and other carbon deposits, increasing the time between oil changes and ensuring the durability of transmission components thus reducing the equipment maintenance costs;
  • Due to the addition of special inhibitors, it protects metal parts from ferrous and non-ferrous alloys from corrosion when both in and not in operation;
  • It resists aeration and foam formation, as well as cavitation, has excellent cooling properties;
  • It ensures a compatibility with all sealing materials, prevents them from swelling, hardening and shrinking that allows reducing the costs for spare parts and prevents leakages;
  • It reduces noise.

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