Lucas transmission, stop leak. How does it compare? If not safe, what could I use to help my transmission along? 3 tips for transmission care, and repair avoidance.

Lucas transmission, stop leak.

Some say Lucas is OK. In a check of over 100 auto repair garages, none of the auto repair garages use or recommended Lucas. Why mechanics don't like Lucas. How does Lucas stop leaks compare to other brands?

Leaks are caused by heat, acids, and wear which shrinks the seal,
causing the fluid to seep past the seal.

3 tips to stop your leak

Tip 1 Use an additive that neutralizes acids and also stop leaks.

Tip 2 There are two ingredients to stop a seal leak

  1. Solvents are one type

  2. Seal conditioners

    Enlarge the rubber in seals to stop leaks. A negative
    Remove the acids. This relaxes or conditions the seal, gives it a slight swell, thereby stopping the leak.
Seal conditioner stop leaks better than solvent stop leaks.

Tip 3 Since leaks are caused by acid loaded sludge residues and high heat, its best to remove the residues with a special cleaner and conditioners.

The 3 products pictured below, from Mega Power work as a treatment to clean, and friction modify - a wear reducer, and stops leaks. It also solves shifting problems, and reduces high temperatures, putting off the need for repair, many times - and provides longer transmission life.

Transmission stop leak treatment by Mega Power

"Stop leak brands using solvents - such as the Lucas brand, to swell seals is questionable." Solvent destroy oils lubricity and this increase friction - that is no good! That is the questionable part.

If solvent based stop leaks can be harmful, what could I use to stop my transmission leak problem?

Transmission remedies

Home page for Lucas transmission

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