Beautiful, Leather Car Seats Installed.

  • What you need to do to order leather seats

  • People call us with a question, for prices, to place an order.

  • What we do after you place your order

  • We come to you and install.

  • Nothing compares to the true, relaxing comfort of leather.

  • It's your world. Leather helps you enjoy it as you drive.
  • About Us... Versa Trim. Leather Car Seats Installed. We install Leather Car Seats, Dash and Steering Wheel upgrades, and Body Accessories.

    Free estimates - always.

  • Versa Trim
    • Works the Southern California area and our specialty is to install Leather Car Seats and body accessories of your choice in new cars, for car dealers, and for individuals.

    • We have a large selection and the latest styles to match factory looks and feel.

    • We want to do your car. We can do many if a car dealer.
    • Leather Car Seats Installed. 1-512 665 3388

    Other items we sell and install.

  • List of customized accessories we supply and install
    • Dash Kits..........Beautiful Dash-Wood-Kits
    • Seats..............We have Leather Re-cover Kits
    • Spoilers...........Yes! With Factory-Match Color
    • Trim................Black-Chrome New and re-do
    • Gold................New Trim and re-do
    • Detail..............Chip-&-Scratch-Repair
    • Detail..............Head-Lite Lens Restoring
    • Additives..........Like oil & fuel injector cleaner
    Have a question? Want to see samples? Want a rep to come by?
    Call my cell, now: 1-818 730-5741 I'm Joshua Christ. I'm here to help you. Call me anytime.

    The Swedes, Germans, Americans, Japaneses,
    or Koreans, built your car. But, it came with vinyl or cloth seats.

    • THE FEEL

  • How The Selection Process and your Leather Car Seats Installed.

  • If at the car dealership: Ask them to have Versa Trim install your leather seats. Your leather seats and any extras can be included in the your purchase price.

    We will give you and them the details - We or they can supply you with samples. You choose what you want. Give them our phone number to begin the process. Your new seats will be installed in a week or so - at the dealership, by our staff.

  • Individuals can call us to see Leather Car Seat Kits samples, and have them installed in about a week.

  • Come....enjoy the world of Versa-Trim Leather Car Seat Kits and Car Accessories.

    Leather Beauty. It more than pays for it self - for years to come.
    At resale or trade-in, get most of your cost back.

    Have a question….Want samples….Want to order? Call Now!

    Suggestion. Select two or more items, get 10% off the total.

  • Call me, joshua or george christ.. I can help you by phone, day or evening. 1-512 665 3388

    Leather Car Seats Installed and more

    "Repair" and restoration of leather furniture

    Worn Motor Oil Change

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