How often should you change transmission oil?

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How often should you change transmission oil? | Answerbag

    "The oil in an automatic transmission should be changed every 60,000 to 100,000 miles. The fluid in a manual transmission should be changed approximately every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. Changing your transmission oil or fluid regularly helps extend the life of your transmission."

    References: Transmission Fluid

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Answer: My answer. George_C9621

    "For most people, changing transmission oil is never - or just when a rough shifting, or leak problem appears," in my opinion. 

    They then change the fluid - then the transmission problem gets worse. That's because

  • The new fluid can't remove the friction, soften the dried and shranken gasket seals and O rings.
  •  Nor strong enough to clean sticky shifting valve parts.
  • All negatives contributing to the shift or leak problem.

    Some additives won't help either. Some will.

    Those that can't include solvents. They remove residues, but not friction, nor do they condition seals, O rings, or gasket enlarging.

    Additives that hit on and fix the real problems.

    A new servicing product, the Mega Power Transmission Treatment does all three, and adds a forth needed feature, anti-wear.

    In one treatment Mega Power cleans and frees shift valves, and expands o tings, gaskets, and seals. Then smooths rough surfaces and layers anti-wear on worn areas.

    This restores shifting and stop leaks. With a New fluid change problems end and smooth shift returns. Leaks stop! 

    That is how to end those wear problems, if you have been lax about servicing your transmission every four years."

    Transmission repairs start at $32,500 and go up to $5000. Factory rebuilts starts at $3000.

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How often should you change transmission oil.

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