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The products you need - Not just a product! 

An explanation about engine care and  problem Solving   -  using the Mega Power Additive combo I Call, The Mega Power Worn Engine Treatment. 

AND. Why These?  Because their inventor, Bud Esterline, wanted to produce problem solving automotive additives because the additives from part stores and those sold to mechanics car owners, mechanics, and equipment owners were not ending problems in their vehicles from what I call, NO_NEED_FOR REPAIR lousy operating, tapping, oil burning, engine miss, rough shift, even head gasket and manifold leak, overheating and such caused problems. So he had the best brains work up these, better, stronger formulas that had features that did so.

So Esterline figured out the first problem in vehicles need solved, no other additive was ending was to invent such. To have ingredients to remove the vehicles problem causes - sludge, sticking, carbon, acids, lubrication breakdown, and friction. 

Since friction causes are the hardest, most difficult and expensive problem to solve - and synthetic oils or no other additives but one additive could. And teflon powders, ground-fine ceramics, dust from glass, nor zinc, or thick gooey substances never do not end actual friction, his chemist invented MC+,  a metal conditioner.  MC smooths wear roughen piston bearing valve gear and seal surfaces not letting friction have a grip to shred away smooth surfaces. The rub flattens and smooths the  returning the new like look and removing the friction factor doing so. See Demo:

Smoothing your engine and gear surfaces stops the rapid wear out problem. And, with Bud's Mega Power 6 additives working to clean and free up movement, you can stop the need of every vehicle you own from taking horsepower away from the wheels to move dirty engine and gear, friction roughen parts. With this 6 ingredients  restoring proper internal movement, proper fuel fogging, better combustion burn, and assisted oil flow makes every part work at its best - quietly! The first 3...

You use them first 3 items in a week of driving to restore those functions. Is that of concern, or of no importance to you - man or women? Pitty, and good as you don't want to pay dearly for the lack of concern. Here's the thing..... It took a long time to get in your 5 vehicle components so it needs time to free them up, collect the crud up, and drain them out - no 5 minute flush could or additive could ever do. Then to...

Then, the collection of trouble-causing crud is drained out with the dirty oil - But, just 5 minutes before the drain, another cleaner is added to help hold the crud in suspension for drain out.  Now, with new oil, Bud's Engine Treatment, a product to continue smoothing every wear roughen, acid pitted surface is added to keep them smooth, containing MC+. Bud's friction ending, and fast wear ending ingredients. And also Bud's oil treatment to fill worn spaces, stop oil film breakdown, and oil  consumption and tapping.  

While all that is being done with the last 3 items in the oil side of your engine, Bud's first 3 fuel-side-additives, are still traveling wherever fuel, air, combustion, recycled blowby, and exhaust goes. There, they are cleaning rings, valves, pistons, injectors, spark plugs, and the cat converter. All 6 items is what restores ideal breathing, combustion, max fuel economy, and twice the average life - for those seeking such.   -  Max horsepower starts with ideal combustion. Meaning, the ideal air fuel burn. The ideal burn is the maximum combustion duration to push the piston with such force, it spins the crankshaft 2 or more turns to spin the wheels. Compared to poor combustion's wetter, unburnt fuel, shorter burn time, and 1 1/2 crank spin - that lowers your road speed. That, to reach, you press down the gas pedal down more to feed more fuel into the engine  = to buy oftener to do so.

Those conditions lower gas needs and adds 20 to 40 more miles distance to each tank of fuel each week. Black smelly smoke stops spewing. Problems happening just end as the cause is gone. No more unburnt fuel is sent out the exhaust to harm breathing things.

That's my Mega Power Worn Motor Secret To Get Every Part, Every System Free of Its Part Of Engine Problems. Nothing Else Like It! Ends Dozens of Engine Problems Other Products Can't, Because Its Packed with 6 Concentrated, Premium Quality, Professional Grade Ingredients. Order it! So Powerful To Ending Engine Problems Its has a Satisfaction Warranty.  What the 6 are named by Bud: as a treatment to end engine problems. Installed in new to old worn cars and heavy equipment to end problems. Double their life. Save you lots of cash.

  1. Fuel System, Fuel Injector Cleaner
  2. Mega Power Combustion area piston ring and valve, and cat cleaner.
  3. Mega Power Engine Oil Side Cleaning and Conditioner. 
  4. Mega Power Engine Crud Remover.
  5. Mega Power Engine Surface Smoother.
  6. Mega Power Engine Oil Treatment

Welcome to 

New Options to get your car truck running grrrrreat again. 

Read this 60 second intro page, pleasethen click on this line or the last line below to open our home page for the help you need.

About the auto tune and repair avoiding options waiting to make your life a whole lot easier… 

First of all, you came to the right place for an online resource that will empower you to learn how to restore your car pick-up large truck tractor,  boat, motorcycle, or machine performance. Yourself! Nothing to take apart. Driving does the actual fix! 

I call these tuning and repair options because, when a problem appears cleaning - to rid the motor of its choking crud should be the first step to recovery. Any failed part will then be easily spotted and of course, replaced - the repair.  Besides that...

If using products I sell you will free stuck or sticking parts and this may be all that's needed. Is that a good thing? Sure!

And conditioners  in the products also smooth, and fill worn spaces. This releases absorbed horsepower taken away from the wheels. The conditioners is very important to the fix as it releases that  horsepower - giving a second boost to ending performance troubles.

I can't tell you how important these additive are to the health of the engine and to experience those auto tune up and repair options as proof of their amazing worth to the fix.

The auto tune up and repair fix option has scientific reasoning behind it. You rejuvenate for years longer life! And since family vehicles are all subject to some problem, you are provided an unprecedented knowledge from that info to use at finger tip for solutions to future problems occurring. I’m your expert in this! 

While the “auto tune up and repair options site” is made to teach mechanics this new expertise, it is written so any non-mechanic can do a professional fix themselves, using the same products, as well.

Understand this…

The option we chose as the fix to restore your car performance is like the doctor’s advice – takes these, and call me in the morning if it didn’t work!  

In a sense our tips, products and directions end 999 out of 1000 of a car’s internal caused friction and dirty sticking problems – by removing those trouble makers deep inside. If not, it need actual repair. 

Enjoy the new way to fix today’s cars. Those are the real auto tune up and repair options I have for you here.  

Click this line to read the auto-tune-up-and-repair-options home page for the exact help you need… I’m your tech guy and guide through-out… George.

One more option…. Call me if you are on a smart phone, to ask a question, order items needed at 512 665 3388



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