End Your Cars High Mileage
Problems For Good!

End these older, worn motor problems:
  • End leaks & oil burning
  • End high exhaust emissions
  • End fuel waste
  • Quiets valve tap
  • Promotes longer life

Mega Power Worn Motor Oil Change
ends high mileage wear problems in minutes.

This Advantage may give you many more miles of good service. How so?

    High mileage Oil change explained

    It works by using a new kind of chemistry

    Two simple steps involved

    No special skill needed

Step One.

  • Performs a complete upper motor area cleaning. From gas cap to exhaust pipe - and wherever oil, air, fuel, combustion, and exhaust go.
  • Into micro spaces. To the root cause of a motors wear and tear and performance problems. Ends sticky valve and lifters problems to stop tap and their cause of power decline.

Step TwoFortifies and smooths wear-roughen surfaces to reduce friction, and power absorption.

Step Two

  • Also adds Anti-Friction Coatings; MC+ to smooth, seal, and heal worn, rough, pistons and bearings.

  • And ... fill worn-away areas so lose parts to fit snugly, slide smoothly.

    Power and good performance returns, as a result of greater engine vacuum and compression.

The High mileage oil change helps bring back what wear and tear has taken away.
  • In my case, and many others with older high mileage, and worn cars, Mega Power has provided more years of good service out of them - we might not have had.

    Re-newed performance helps us again enjoy great running vehicles. Now, years pass what others can enjoy, using other methods. This helps reduce repair and replacement expense.

  • High mileage, Oil change, explained

    Let's review all this.

    • Steps One and Two of this High mileage, Oil change, "treatment" restores motor health and power, chemically. Power once absorbed by dirty, sick-like rough and worn, power-robbing pistons, bearings, valves, gears, fuel injectors, combustion build-up, and such.

    • Repeating Step Two as part of each future oil change routine may keep your engines running great years longer than by any other method - except for overhaul.

    • I believe you will love and marvel how the cleaning and surface conditioning can AGAIN move you down the road, with like-new zip, performance, fuel economy, dependability.
    • It has helped me and many others avoid or put of sometimes for years, major overhaul, replacement expense. And it will do the same for you! You lose nothing if it does not work!

      I'm the expert in all this and will help you in the future, too. Lord willing. You can call me for all such help, anytime

    <If your still a little doubtful ....

    Have you ever heard how, how in just two steps, for an insignificant amount of cash, a product can give you all these cleaning, smoothing, and healing advantages?

    No other oil change or any other product comes in the form of a High mileage, Oil change product unless you fall for those oils advertised for older motors - but, just offer thick oil as the remedy.

    • They are not promising to free-up valves, clean pistons, smooths-out wear-roughen surfaces, and bring back like-new zip and performance like we do. To make any, out-of-warranty, older, maybe worn-out motor get its like-new power and zip back in the way we describe. And to stop oil seal leaks? End oil disappearance? Run great again? No one. Just us.

    • You can see, the Mega Power, Worn Motor, High mileage, Oil change Treatment is a great chemistry invention. People are always amazed at how well it corrects performance, wear, leak, power-lost, and other worn motor problems worrying you.

    This, High mileage, Oil change, has helped me and many others to avoid or put of sometimes for years, major overhaul, replacement expense. And it will do the same for you! So, trying will let you see if it really is so different. With a 90 day trail period.

    Order this High mileage, Oil change, Treatment, and have a great running car again in just a few extra minutes, and get on with life! To order...

    Call me, I'm George Christ.
    Call my cell. 512 665 3388.

    Say, you want to Order..the Two Step Treatment. Price: $60 plus $15 S&H. Total $75. Regular price $86 after 12/1/09
    Sent to you by UPS or FedExPay by Visa M/C PayPal

    Other combinations can be ordered from the following selection to fit your needs:

    • To Order..One, "Two Step" Treatment
      Price: $60 plus $15 S&H. Total $75. Order 1, #WMT-10-1

      Double above order. Price: $120. Get Free S&H. Save $30.
      Order 2, #WMT-10-1 sets

    • Order 6 "Two Step" Treatments. Price: $300. Free S&H. You save $450* Order 6, #WMT-10-1 sets

    • *Represents, Garage, lube and tune, and fleet volume discounts.

    • To Order..one, "Step-Two" "Refresher" Treatment. The "Refresher" for next and future oil changes
      Price: $35 Plus $18 S&H. Total $53. Order 1, #WMT-20-1

    • Double above order. You save $36
      Price: $70. Free S&H Order 2, #WMT-20-1 sets

    • Order..6, "Step Two" "Refresher" Treatments. You save $318*
      Price: $150 Plus Free S&H. Order 6, #WMT-20-1 sets

    • *Represents, Garage, lube and tune, and fleet volume discounts.
    Call me, I'm George Christ.
    Call my cell. 512 665 3388.
    Say, you want Older Motor 2 Step Oil Change Treatment sent to you.
    Pay by Visa M/C PayPal

    Below are Actual Directions. Print out a copy for your cars glove box and home file.

    The Mega Power Older Motor High mileage, Oil change Treatment is a two step process performed during oil change - and adds a few more minutes time to it.

    What you need to know about high mileage servicing with Mega Power. No Skill level required. Well - Not very much. Please note the simple instructions and purpose of each step - and you can breeze thru it, easily.

    Two separate steps are performed. One for cleaning, and one for the High mileage help, Oil change procedure. You do the cleaning first, then the oil change treatment a week later - for even better results.

    If "top side" cleaning and "oil change treatment" are done at the same time - the cleaning action is slowed. And, performance improvement is a bit less than what it could be. And, it takes a couple hundred miles of driving for the cleaning portion and full performance response to catch up.

    Each step has a couple mini steps. This seems to be the best way to go. It offers the broadest problem-solving benefits, and the longest lasting method found to correct and avoid internal - older, worn, dirty, motor and transmission problems.

    TO DO STEP ONE of the High mileage, Oil change Treatment:

    1. Add the red bottle to the fuel tank. To 5-25 gallons of fuel.

    2. Add the black bottle to your motor oil, before step 3.

    3. The yellow bottle contents needs to be sucked into the motor by the motors vacuum in some way.

    A picture of how we install the yellow bottle contents via a special patented feeder tool is shown on our "tune up" page.[You can buy this durable feeder tool, $99 + $18 s&h cost, by calling 512 665 3388] See web link below for picture.

    Other ways to install or feed the yellow bottle contents into the motor:

    • Some people add both yellow and red bottle contents to the gas at the same time. This is the simplest way.

      However, it’s faster and better to feed the yellow bottle to a vacuum source. Suggestions listed below can be used if you do not have a "feeder bottle." [Rent one from us. $100 deposit, $90 refunded upon return]

    • Without a "feeder bottle", try this method! Slowly have the motor suck the yellow bottle contents into the motor by any vacuum-hose. You-can-feel suction at hose-tip with the motor running. With such a vacuum source....

      Motor running, put the hose into and out of the liquid in the with yellow bottle quickly to the count of 3. Do your count like this.....

      At idle, hose sucking air, dip hose into the cleaner fluid and count 1,2,3, and pull hose out of the liquid. Count 1,2,3,4,5.6,7,8. Put hose into the liquid.

      Repeat this in-count 1,2,3, and out-count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 - in count, out count, until the liquid is gone. Reconnect hose.

    Several other ways to feed the with yellow bottle contents into the motor while its idling.

    1. Do so through the PCV valve. Remove from its seat and tilt the yellow bottle so small slurps of cleaner get sucked in - with a few seconds intervals between each slurp.
    2. Take lose the air cleaner next through the throttle plate. so you can see the throttle plate. Drill a 1/8 hole in the cap. With cap on, motor idling, squirt a small squirt out the drilled hole so the cleaner splashes the throttle plate area. Suction will pull it in.


    4. This method cleans a sticky valve inside the idler-device ending that hidden cause of rough idling - and stalling.

      The other causes are spark mis-fire, slow valve closing - which this treatment helps correct. And a vacuum hose or device sucking air into the motor - which you or a mechanic must find and replace.

      Anyhow, repeat this plate-splashing routine with a few seconds interval between each squirt.

    Please note: A strong odor will come out the exhaust tail pipe as the chemistry cleans and removes the inside cause of your problem. Good! But, it may make you queasy, DON'T BREATH THE EXHAUST. LET IT GO DOWNWIND AWAY FROM YOU.

    Remember to re-connect, and hook up what you took lose. Go for a 10-minute drive. You will begin to feel power you did not know you lost, start to return. Stomp and hold your foot down on the gas pedal a few seconds, a couple times, for few quick speed-ups, to help expel any other harmful remains. Feels zippy - Right? Problem gone, too! YEA! [Call me if you need hand-holding. That is what they pay me to do to help you. I'm glad to do it anytime].

    That ends Step One. Step Two below

    Step Two of the High mileage, Oil change performs "bottom of motor cleaning" and adds the conditioning and coating.

    1. Pour contents of bottle marked "Engine Cleaner," [sometimes in a white or yellow bottle] into your dirty oil.

    2. Run motor for 5 minutes, then turn off ignition.

    3. Drain out and replace old oil and filter with new. Old Oil will be black and gooey - not watery, like it usually is when drained out. This shows it did a good cleaning job.

    4. Make sure your new oil level comes to the "full mark" on the dip stick after running the motor to check for leaks.

    5. Then add the black bottle of "Mega Power, Motor Treatment Conditioner" contents to the new oil.

    6. And also add the "Mega Power Oil Treatment" contents to your new oil. Some people prefer to wait a couple weeks before adding the Mega Power Oil Treatment Product to their oil.
    That ends the two-step, week-apart, engine-problem-solver procedure. Drive happier, now!

    For each new oil change interval - about 5000-6000 miles, or so, do this: Just follow step two - which I call “The Engine Refresher.” You omit Step One from now on – and do the “refresher” to keep the benefits going..

    This may be confusing, but note why we have two steps. Your 1st High mileage, Oil change Treatment treats the top and bottom of the motor. You do Step one and Step Two just one time.

    • Thereafter, follow "Step Two" as the procedure for each future oil change. Step Two becomes your Engine Refresher Oil Change Treatment. Order this Treatment and get on with life! Here is how...

    Now, GIVE YOUR SMARTS A THUMBS UP. WHY? Afterward, when you do this High mileage, Oil change, your car or truck will be peppier. maybe, get 20 to 40 more miles on a fill up. Yea! It will have more zip up hills! It will seem like it has a bigger motor. YOUR PROBLEM WILL GO AWAY.

    As much as 5 to 10 horsepower reappears as dirty, sluggish, power robbing valve action, noisy, faltering hydraulic lifters, and sticky piston ring stop blow-by, improve vacuum breathing, and power-robbing friction drag abates.


    Order this High mileage, Oil change, Treatment, and have a great running car again in just a few extra minutes, and get on with life! To order...

    Call me, I'm George Christ.
    Call my cell. 512 665 3388.

    Say, you want to Order..the Two Step Treatment. Price: $60 plus $15 S&H. Total $75. Sent to you.
    You can pay by Visa M/C PayPal Regular price $86 after 12/1/09

    Order any quantity. Any product listed on this web site

    SIDE NOTE. Of course, if a part failed, or is broken, this is not the fix for that. Try it in about 100 miles after the fix, to see what a great improvement this chemistry creates. Prices subject to change with out notice. Taken from personal experience and explained according to my own observation. Not that of others.

    High mileage oil change, explained

    Read how My Expertise in all this came about. Click Here..

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