Fuel economy additives.
Which work - which don't.
Lies versus the truth

Fuel economy improver's.

Do they increase fuel-economy.

    You read or heard of claims that certain gadgets or additives boost your mileage.

Are they: Lies, half-truths, or the truth.

Let's find out!

I'm somewhat expert on this. [Read,"My Bio" page on this expertise].

So... Here's what I know... here is what others claim...

You decide what might improve how much farther you cango on a fill-up.

Truth or lie?

Cars are tuned and set

    At the factory to meet different driving conditions for a best-possible all-around average-fuel-economy - This "setting" for the average car tends to be on the low side of the best fuel economy possible under many driving conditions.

    Is that the truth, or a lie? Truth! Yes, its true.

For pick up trucks

    Which are expected to carry work loads and still run great - they would required a "richer fuel mixture" to do so.

    Consider truck gas or diesel economy-settings to be about 10% to 15% less than that for cars. Meaning - truck gas and diesel economy settings are set to be less fuel efficient - because that would work best when used to carry loads.

    Is that the truth, or a lie? True!

Test your knowledge. Select [can], or [can-not], and [Unless], or
[Even if], in the sentences below.

    Additives that "clean," and are added to a vehicles fuel, oils, and fluids [can], [can-not], squeeze out more miles per fill-up.

    Nope! But if they corrected a problem that wasted gas; ending the problem would restore the lost fuel economy. The answer is: [Can-not] squeeze out extra fuel economy.

    How about "Friction Modifiers." Can they increase fuel economy?

      Is the following, truth, Half-truth, or lie?

      Additives that "friction modify," and added to a vehicles fuel, oils, and fluids [can], [can-not], increase gas or diesel mileage.

      Answer. True. If friction drag cause a lower fuel economy, removing the excess friction would regain the loss for better fuel economy.

      The Mega Power Brand we promote on this site, almost always improves great-fuel-economy.

      Watch this demo using a Friction Modifier called Mega Power MC+.

      This demo illustrates a strong advantage every car needs.

      Combined with other helpful ingredients, like a unique cleaning ability that ends sticky, slow-closing piston-rings and slow-closing valves - you can end the problem and go farther on a bit less fuel. rMost cars have this problem and do not know any different.

      Those that use Mega Power suddenly feel more power and have better mileage.

      The point is this. Like the right medicine helps end and illness, the right additives do to - that is what this site is all about.

      Order the product suggested for your need - they are proven to do as advertised.

      This is because of the products ability to restore combustion, remove excess drag, modify friction, and smooth the wear-roughen surfaces - all of which puts out more power on less fuel requirements.

      The result improves fuels burning efficiency, economy. You gain years-more anti-wear driving dependability - when our service methods are selected over those commonly sold and promoted for your vehicles.

    The pages below show the additives we found that restores and promotes great fuel and more miles-per-gallon economy, provide added zip, and years longer dependability - Its what we teach, use, and recommend. "The Proof is in the performance."

    Order our Mega Power#ES Plus Kit, and our Mega Power #FISC Kit for the best oil change improvement ever invented. They do all the things talked about above, and more. Here... ...Our oil change service kits info

    Our How-to, fuel economy improvement suggestions

    The right kind of Tune up. More here...

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