Ford oil leak remedy. Why? Oil problem with my ford ka?

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Oil problem with my ford ka? I have oil round the bottom near the spark plugs and there is a slight leak on my T reg ford car is it the seal and is it a big problem

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I know that problem. It took a while to learn why its not always a gasket problem - even tho oil leaks past the gasket and settles around your spark plugs. Here's what I found to end the problem. Stay with me here... during the explanation. I feel, knowing the reason and the remedy will end your seepage problem and give your car more like new power again. This method keeps other problems from occurring. It stopped my leak and did all that, too.

The Ford oil leak oil seep problem is caused by something called blow-by. Blow-by is combustion seepage forced past the sides of your motors pistons and mixes in with your motor oil. Not good! Normally, blow-by makes about 2 to 3 lbs air pressure in the crankcase - which includes the top part of your motor where the oil leaks happens. Blow-by is constantly recycled via a relief valve to maintain 3lbs pressure.

The pressure problem does grow with time and causes your leak this way. Oil breakdown residues sticks your pistons 3 rings - bracelet-like rings. Sticking rings are not good. They become the leak problem. Normally, pistons rings fill the space between the piston and its cylinder wall limiting escape of cooking hot combustion gases from going pass the pistons.

Not so however, when sticking holds-in your piston rings in their slots and leaves open the gap for much more combustion to escape. Doing so drops power out-put, as you can imagine, and causes your leak. Sticking keeps your motors 12 to 24 piston rings from flexing outward to seal-off combustion. Anyway, being dirty and sticky, rings seal less and allow more blow-by to fill the crankcase. This increases sludge, causes valves to tap, drops power out put, increases friction, sucks-up oil and burns it out the tail pipe - you get the idea.

The thing is that excessive blow-by increases crankcase pressures to 10 to 15lbs - and that triples the normal blow-by pressure. Higher pressures forces oil to leak out around your valve cover gaskets - and other seals, as you now experience. That is why it may not be a gasket problem entirely. Does that make sense to you? Ford oil leak answer... more

You could tighten the gasket cover - but that does not end the real problem - a half turn tighter on the cover nuts is good. Do that! You could do a $2500 overhaul - which replace old rings with new, to end the problem. I prefer several Mega Power Brand products package as a treatment that quickly frees sticking piston ring problems in a day of driving. That product frees sticky rings and that drops the crankcase pressure back down to normal. It keeps crankcase pressure low that way. That ends such leak problems at its cause, but for under $100. I think its the best way to do so.

Source(s):Here is a web site that details all this and sells the product on the net made by a company called Mega Power:

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