10 Engine troubleshooting additive remedies end power loss, stalling, idle, noise, valve tap, smoke, oil burning, fuel economy, and more...

Engine troubleshooting additives

Is my car problem a sign of real trouble? What Can I use to keep it from getting worst? What additives do I need?


    I assume you had a tune up, but now realize its a wear problem, rather than a repair problem. You may want to end your present problem to avoid the possibility of it deteriorating. Avoid a costly FUTURE repair situation - like those considered below this list...

    Click this list if these are your problems.:

  • Motors noise, and tap tap sound

  • Exhaust smoke
  • Lack of power
  • Oil burning
  • Rough idle
  • Back fire
  • Down shifts up hills
  • High exhaust emissions
  • Poor fuel economy
  • High mileage help
  • My engine knock story.

      My van engine developed a heavy knock - thud-like sound, emanating from the back bottom side of the motor. It was more noticeable at slow speed.

      Not a tap, but more like a fist hitting constant thud. It became louder over time. One day, it grew so loud I feared total engine blowup. I had it towed home. This remedy...

      The number seven piston rod "bearing" - failed, disintegrated and the space it created around the crankshaft caused the thud sound on each up down revolution of the motor.

      One new piston, piston rod, a new crankshaft, and $2,500 ended the knock. That is rare. It happened to me. However....

    These are the most common causes of motor performance and noise problems, and their Engine troubleshooting, remedies.

      8 out of 10 times, it’s a dirty, sticky slow-closing valve, or hydraulic lifter causing it to lose its contact with the cam. Then the tap sound occurs when the rotating cam lobe slaps the valve, going around again.

      This problem is easily corrected with a top and bottom cleaning additive for about $75 - not a $1000 or more. That’s a bit cheaper then waiting for the cam to fail, and a $2000+ repair bill to fix it - when you can end the problem now! More at this link... Click this link for the method we recommend to remedy your problem

    10 Engine troubleshooting tips. Troubleshooting, products for, noise, taps, roughness, miss, backfire, smoke, overheating, head - other gasket leaks, more...

    Why is my motor running rough, backfires?

    Backfire Engine troubleshooting, Remedy

    Its a rare thing to happen. A burnt valve head causes backfire, which a mechanic would check out for you, for about an hours labor. Repair of a valve is a $2000 + expense.

    My backfire story.

      On a mustang with this problem, I did the cleaning procedure; it ran a lot better, but still backfired. So I grounded that cylinders spark plug wire,* so that cylinders spark plug could not set off the fuel in that cylinder.

      The motor ran a bit rough because of it, but at high speed you didn’t notice. It had to be fixed and was. It got me by for a couple months. This problem requires a valve repair. Cost $2000+.

      *Grounding means fastening that spark plug wire to a bolt nearby permanently. Where the spark charge would go into the bolt and dissipate – instead of to the spark plug. This is called “grounding.”

    More common caused of the problem is dirty, fouled, spark plug. Or, a damaged spark plug wire, and/or a bad coil. Sometimes all of them. A tune up will include replacement of those parts. Cost $200 to $500....

    Follow this link if you feel for freeing, cleaning and correction of those problem areas. Your motor sounds like it needs it. Maybe, this will catch it in time. Feel lucky? Try it! I teach mechanics this method. Many people learn about it in this way. However, most mechanics won't give it a try, I found...

    Steps to a good tune up. The way I teach tune techs to do it

    What causes exhaust smoke?

      Answer. One of 3 Engine troubleshooting, things:

      Bad valve guilds. Requires a $2000+ valve job Bad valve seals. Requires a $400+ repair. Worn pistons, and, or sticky piston rings. All 3 problems allow engine oil to be sucked out of its normal areas and into the combustion cycle.

      Engine troubleshooting Remedy. Try the MP Worn Motor Treatment. More info in this link. My popular MP Worn Motor Oil Change is what you need

    What causes overheating and gasket leaks?

      Overheating is caused by one of 3 problems.

      Sometimes - a bad water pump. Replacement: about $150+-. A bad head gasket pushing combustion into the coolant, and this pushes the coolant out – which, a going-bad water pump will also do.

      A plugged-up radiator problem. Replace for about $200 And, if it happened suddenly, a stuck-closed thermostat. A Repair of about $75

      A stop special kind of stop leak included, may seal some head gasket problems, and other coolant leaks. The "kit" includes a chemical that causes coolant to pack closer together. This permits more molecules to contact the cooling surfaces and transfers the overload of heat to the outside.

      The 3 products work together. Click this link for that info... Radiator product for the above. Click here...

    How to avoid common:
    • Engine
    • Transmission
    • Cooling system repair problems
    and help your car or truck run better, years longer.

    This page below, gives you a great way to prevent the above internal problems, and helps you avoid, or put off inevitable repairs – sometimes for years.

    Engine troubleshooting and care that works! More here...

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