Engine oil additives correct dozens of problems. Ending new engine friction to ending older engine tap, oil burning, sludge removal. 400 more.

George Forman, Race Teams use additives for their endurance factors

Our auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com web site offer tips and products to lower the cost to correct dozens of engine, tune up, fuel injector, transmission, cooling system, power steering, and air conditioning operating problems. The most popular are these below... Leftside link buttons cover other auto and diesel equipment problems additives solve.

Our auto-tune-up-and-repair-options.com web site offer tips and products to lower the cost to correct dozens of engine, tune up, fuel injector, transmission, cooling system, power steering, and air conditioning operating problems.

Does your motor have any of these problems

  • Power loss
  • Rough idle
  • Waste fuel
  • Burns oil
  • Has a tap or ticking sound
  • Runs hot
  • Starts slower than before
  • Has smokey, smelly exhaust, or..
  • Failed the Emission Test

Try our popular

What I want you to use in your engine.<bk>

Worn Motor Treatment to end the above wear and tear caused problems.

They work works fast, are easy to install. Guaranteed professional results by anyone, or we will refund your money.

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    DIY vehicle tune and repair tricks tips, products, easily fix over 200 costly problems - for every car, truck, RV, even heavy equipment.

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Mega Power Research make the products car and equipment problems need to end their problem.

The fixes suggested come from everyday experiences by mechanics and from individuals using our products in a sequence suggested - anyone can follow.

Read a few pages on your problem solution Browse the site to earn other handy tips to keep vehicles going when they often don't.

Read and get the sense of how these “recipe-like-directions for getting rid of your problem - will end your problem and possibly help you avoid tens of thousands avoidable repair and vehicle replacement cost.

Millions of motorist and many mechanics love and promote these unadvertised, great problem-solving inventions.

Each of the web site 200 recommendations is what I know works, I teach mechanics, and you can follow for your vehicle problem.

The chemistry is complex the problem is complex. We make it simple for you to install and get the fix you're after.

These, DIY, vehicle tune, auto repair, tips products are those me and thousand of mechanics and car buffs used every day in our cars an our customers vehicles.

So we already know our suggestions to solve your problem will save you time and money, help your vehicles run great.

The Real Problem Deep Inside Can Be Removed by Additives. Ends Improper Car and Equipment Care Lack Of Knowledge

Whereas, if you don't clean and "condition internally" following these tips, and just let things go - hoping for the best, wear and tear speed increases, like a race car toward the finish line. Not adding Mega Power shortens, not extend your cars useful life.

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As you can see, vehicle owners and mechanics like the way these additive fixes helps car owners with even older, worn vehicle run - like when near-new again. Occasional usage afterward keeps the performance going as long as you want! Mega Power is better than any other method of care.

Even though we train mechanics in the use of these products, you will find the explanations very educational.

The How-to directions easy to follow.

The products, true to their claims.

We invite you to call for a suggestion for your problem.

Read several pages to get the feel what this is all about.

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The auto tune up and repair "fixes" uses the trusted Mega Power Brand Additive Formula Products - whose inventor, Bud Esterline, packed full of various kinds of anti-wear-care chemistry.

This DIY, vehicle tune, auto repair, tips suggested result from using certain products in a sequence, the directions outline for you to follow.

Mega Power Brand, Engine Oil Additives, Product offer additional benefits when suggestions are at tune up. Products for cooling system service, and with most engine, transmission, steering problem-solving, require a pre-cleaner advantage, and our included in many of our product kids, for that reason.

23- Call for details. 1-512 665 3388 usa Distributor

24- Use these Mega Power Engine oil additives. They are the missing ingredients you need to obtaining the best out of your vehicles – both new and old. You will love and use them all your life. They will help your cars run trouble-free years longer and make those dollars in your budget last longer, too.

Engine oil additives - by Mega Power - The proof is in the performance. This Demo shows what makes Mega Power Why Mega Power Engine Oil Additives Are Better