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Have you ever wanted Art Lessons     for yourself or for your children?
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Hi! I'm Rhonda Cross. I teach Art Classes Texarkana

Because I love teaching Fine Art,
I formed the Renaissances Art Academy
710 Oak Hill Rd. Texarkana, TX 75501.

I'm a Certified, Fred Gluck Method, Instructor. Call if you have a question, to check on prices, sign up for our Free Art Class - or sign up for our next class by calling me now... 903 293-3264 ...Rhonda Cross.

Our students receive the Award-Winning, Fred Gluck Fine Art Drawing Method.

This means you and your children - most of our students are children, will love the easy-style where our instructors follow Mr. Gluck's step-by-step method. This method will have you producing great fine art drawings  using pencil, charcoal, oils and watercolor - creations you will treasure and display all your life.

This class satisfies the creative need to draw - but adds the Gluck discipline to see and appreciate a new beauty in nature and in life others miss. With this class you and your children will soon be looking at the world the same way the masters of old and present do, and - will be expressing it on canvass. So, you are quite right in signing up for this class. That's why...

I invite you to call me to register yourself and or your children for my next Art Class - or our Free Art Class to test its value to you and your children.

You may wonder what our Free lesson is like?

This is not a scaled-down version. It is typical of our regular class - and what young-to-old sign up for. There is no contract obligation. Students attend as long as they like.

This is what the Free Art Class provides

During the class, you're given an

  • Introduction to what fine-art is.
  • Different materials employed.
  • Learning the Gluck Sketch Layout Method.
  • Each simplified step teaches you its fine art principle.
  • Your "work of art," and technique: using pencil, charcoal, pastels, and oils, begin with this free lesson.

During this lesson...

I'll help you and/or your children transfer an idea into their first,
soft pencil sketch - the drawing "layout," then develop it with charcoal, then pastel, watercolor, or oil.

And, imagine this! Imagine how excited and proud you and your children will be, showing family and friends the professionally tutored
art piece they created.

Your Free Class and normal class time runs from 1 to 2 hours.

Who are typical students?

Children, age 5 and up, teens, and adults attend weekly classes.

Prices for regular classes are very reasonable. No contract to sign.

I'm Rhonda Cross. Call me for details. Just say, "I read your ad and want to try your Free, no obligation Art Lesson -for myself and or my children."

Yes! It's totally free!

Call if you have a question, to check on prices, sign up for our Free Art Class - or sign up for our next class by calling me now...              ...Rhonda Cross   903 293-3264 .

    Art Classes Texarkana. Please visit my web site to see what our students create.

Click here to
Visit Rhonda's Art Classes Texarkana web site to see the class room and student works of ark

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