DIY  Alternative Auto Tune Up and Repair Options using problem-solving additives

Many men and women, not just mechanics, use my auto tune up and repair options.

They are inexpensive, simple and easy to use. They provide fast results.

Little-known, but very effective alternatives, for your car, truck, tractor, machine - RV, even boat. All will instantly run like new after ending their performance problem with the suggestions listed here.

What People Say:

"I'm very pleased we could follow your recommendation to fixed our motor with $100 worth of your suggestions. We were told it would take $3,000 for an overhaul. I'll come back for more products to help our other vehicles avoid expensive repairs." MC

What Mechanics Say:

"3 times we took the transmission apart to get it to shift right. Your method made it shift beautifully. We recommend your products and your methods to every customer. They are now a good source of extra income for us - and our customers respect our expertise even more, when they experience the performance improvements your product provide. Thanks again. " DF Mechanic

Most important are these facts:

The products and methods recommended for your fix, are special conditioners with anti-wear qualities that clean and smooth rough, fast wearing pistons, bearings, gears, valve assemblies - This  promotes additional years of dependability.

....Ships, brand new vehicles on the assembly line, race vehicles, even top car-makers recommend or use these – because they work well, work permanently, and consistently.

HOW you, your family & vehicles benefit.

Here Is How My Knowledge Will Help You!

Since not all the remedies are posted. You can call me or email me, and me or my people will help you with suggestions we know will be a good shortcut, and the products needed. We ship most any where.

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Phone USA 1-512 665-3388 - worth knowing some mechanics don't want you to know.

I known you and your family will use my auto tune up and repair options all your life. They will become your secret collection of tips, tricks, providing you thousands of dollars of money-saving tune up and repair remedies." ....George

You can Fix the following without a wrench Fluid Leaks - oil, coolant, overheating. Transmission - rough shifts, chatter, tapping, growls Tune up - Fuel waste, lack of power, exhaust smoke problems with these alternative auto tune up and repair options

Worn engines and transmissions and other components will run great again, and for years with-out-overhauling. All that and more - to benefit you, family, vehicles, equipment, finances.


Click on a category below - or the buttons on the left.

An tune up and repair options page will appear with the info you need.     Your new page covers your symptoms, wear and performance problems and my repair method. A cause-remedy explanation and products to use are given.

...New Car.....Truck.....Tractor.....RV

...Older, Worn Car.....Truck.....Tractor.....RV Help

...Power generator ...Motorcycle ...Lawnmower, Chain Saw, Trimmer

Click below to find auto tune up and repair options to fix-your-problem


• Transmission

• Power Steering

•Gears, Wheel Bearings, Flexible Drive Axles


• Tractor Hydraulic

• A/C

•Radiator Cooling System

• Tune up

• Fuel Injector Cleaning

....Once applied, quick results will correct the cause and symptom of your problem.

....These auto tune up and repair options are helping thousands of vehicles run as good as new – trouble-free and what seems like indefinitely.

Wish simple solutions could offer similar results for us humans? ....Anyhow, the remedy's suggested are successfully followed by many satisfied motorist.

Your friends and neighbors will wonder how you do it. Compared to others with similar vehicles and equipment, yours will continue to run great with my tune up and repair options and repair alternatives when others require expensive repair or replacement!

Here’s how to get the tune up and repair info you need here.

First, Bookmark me to find me easily.

2- Read my background BIO for tune up and repair tips.

3- Click the NAV "Problem" button - If you want help pinpointing your problem.

4- Click the component name Button, if that’s the problem area.

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Thanks for stopping by – let me know of a problem or success you want to share. George

PS: You can earn a living promoting my methods and products with just a small start-up investment. A huge and profitablemarket is  out there. Call or email me of your interest, questions; USA 1-512 353-1165 

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