My worn engine bearings secret

Worn engine bearings Don't happen as a problem to most car and equipment motors.

But when thay do, I have my own little product discovery that helps me avoid the bearing replacement and the $2000+ cost to do so for about $100.

Made by a company called Mega Power. Their "Treatment" has help me gain a second lifetime of use from over 2 dozen older, worn engines - large and small.

My secret:

I'm trained

    To use special engine diagnostic equipment like engineers use at the car manufactures. Like they hook you up to in the operating room - except we got it years before doctors did!

In my quest

    To find the best, most effective tune up product.

    Which, if any, this type equipmment quickly shows what and where the improvement is.

    Several solvent based pour-in the throat of the motor additives can improve power by cleaning the combustion area. That is good!

But, one brand

    Improves power [restores loss power due to wear] by its complex set of ingredients that work in 6 motor sub-systems

    - including the worn bearing surface areas.

    It is this advantage chemically that Mega Power has discovered.

Complex in nature. Simple to install.

    Several installation steps clean, free, smooth, and coat pistons, piston rings, bearings, valve stems, and such.

    Anyone can install the treatment, not just mechanics.

    The bearing portion - when looking at the bearing caps of engines I tore apart - the bearing insert, the parts that wraps around a shalf, had greeat interest to me.

    They verified why bearing noise and low oil pressure disappeared after the products introduction to it as suggested.

    I noticed a clear film that I could be scraped off - a pour-in worn surface filler, you might say, that is remarkable as a chemical filler for worn bearings - from the Mega Power product I dubbed, the

Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

I guess

    I have helped thousands of motorist, fleet owners, and mechanics keep cars and equipmment in service due to this little secret.

    Now, its your turn to help your motor with this product.

    This demo shows Mega Powers uniqueness Mega Powers worn engine bearing test.

    Worn engine bearings. Mega Power details

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