End your truck transmission noises, differential gear whine and howl with this new product in a few miles of driving

New products now end truck transmission noises, differential gear whine, and overheating in older trucks and equipment - not possible before.

They are doing so thanks to new ingredients called metal conditioners. Leading the way with truck products with "metal conditioners" is a company called Mega Power.

The truck transmission noises Mega Power solves and eliminates.

Gears, bearings, shafts, shift forks, splicers, and washers are mirror shinny smooth, and mesh, roll, spin, and rub with a great smoothness when new.

As they touch abrasion causes wear in a form you might not consider possible - called micro welding.

What happen is a strange form of wear - micro welding, appears to be the way gear wear occurs. This is contrary to over 50 years of popular opinion by experts.

It use to be that wear was cause by abrasion as two opposing surfaces rubbed. Friction developed, and, like a file, the two surfaces filed-off each other.

Now, we know differently. And that may end the need for those thick, gooey additives we've been adding to our gear boxes and differentials that never did control and end gear and bearing noises.

How wear occurs. How metal conditioners end wear and the transmission noises wear makes.

We know pressure and heat turn coal into diamonds.

Not so with your gears and bearings.

Imagine 90 lbs pressure. The pressure needed to inflate your tires. Now imagine several tons of pressure - but on a space smaller than the period at the end of this sentence.

Imagine the molecules of the two contact points such, the molecules co-mingle. A melting-like action occurs. Metal melts at over 2300 degrees.

Imagine a sudden flash cooling. Imagine the two surfaces separate. Imagine the tugging involved as the welded parts finally end as the stronger surface pulls a tiny chunk of the welded surface lose.

A hole is left behind. The welded piece is knocked off.

That is more or less what we understand wear to be.

Metal Conditioners.

Lets continue to imagine floating in among the metal surfaces a compound of chemicals that, when heated up under the pressure of two surfaces touching on a micro level that welding does not occur.

Instead, imagine that the two surfaces became softer, and flatten a little, instead of the molecules melting and blending into each other.

Instead of there being a sort of resistance, a metal-melting temperature heat rise - called a hot spot by engineers, less friction occurs. Instead, little if any metal melting occurs between the two contact points.

That is what Mega Power figured out as the way to end your truck, equipment transmission noises, differential gear whine, and overheating with their new product, called Mega Power Oil Treatment.

In a few miles of driving Mega Power Oil Treatment will condition the metal surfaces such under contact, a micro-smoothing and healing occurs on your gears bearings and all such related parts.

The transmission noises subside and the transmission shifts much much smoother. Heat drops enormously as a result of less friction.

Mega Power Transmission noise eliminator

That's how us Mega Power users roll down the road with ease - years longer than non Mega Power users.

Ordering info and directions

    Mega Power for motor, Transmission, and other components.

    15% is the ideal motor, Transmission, and other component volume recommendation. Reduce to 10% from then on.

    Treats 3,4,5,6, speed stick shift car, pickup, large truck, equipment transmissions. Cools and protects for greater power pass-thru to turn the wheels more rpms.

    MP Oil Treatment #10. One gallon size Each gallon $49+ $15s&h= $64 6 gallon pak $200+ $25s&h=$$225

    ***Mega Power Automatic Transmission Conditioner $60+ $15s&h= $65 total 6 gallon pak $200+ $25s&h=$$225 Cost $50+ $15s&h=$65.

    The fuel takes 1oz for each gallon in winter, and every month in summer.

    Mega Power Diesel Fuel Conditioner $49+ $15s&h= $64 total. 6 gallon pak $200+ $25s&h=$$225

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