Stephanies house sitting. Around Chatsworth, zip code 91311. Call me if you needa a dependaible, honest, non-smoking, non-drinking, house sitter

Stephanies house sitting. Around Chatsworth, zip code 91311

  • Going on vacation?
  • Need to get away?
  • Want a sitter for your second house?
  • Emergency?
What ever your reason, I'm the one you want! Call me and let's my cell at 512 665 3388

Prices start at $400 a week.

Examples of what I done:

    At Helen's Home, in Chatsworth, I stayed there while she went to Hawaii.

    At Georgia's Home, also in Chatsworth, I stay a month while she was in Ohio taking care of her ailling mother, who had hip surgery.

So, for what ever your reason, if you need a trusting person, I'm your girl. This is not a nude house siter. I'm not there for sexual favors. And I'm not there when others - except, perhaps an elderly, who needs attention and feeding while you're gone.

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