Oil change 101. Your motor needs one of 3 oil change problem solvers

Oil change 101.

The only 3 guides you need to give your motor maximum protection

Your new, older, and worn motor oil change guide.

  1. The first four years use a O-w oil and add Mega Power Engine Treatment #95 to the new oil and Mega Power Fuel Treatment #90 to the gas.

  2. Between four to six years old use 10W 30 oil and add Mega Power Oil Treatment #10 to the new oil and add Mega Power Fuel Treatment #90 to the gas

  3. If the motor burns oil, has a tap, or sounds noisy, waste gas, has noticeable loss of power: use 10W 30 along with the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment as you oil change 101 - pictured here.

How oil change 101 knowledge helps your motor.

oil change101 motor problem solver from Mega Power Why complicate an already complicated life? Follow the above recommendations for your car age and you will have the perfect protection for the age and conditions of your motor.

Here is why that is so.

When new

    Your car ran great because the surfaces of your pistons bearings, valves, lifters, and gears were shinny smooth, clean, moved freely, and friction and sticky residues were at their lowest levels. They were not a problem.

    As you can see in the picture of the various parts of your motor change over the years. They change for the worst! Not good!

    Mega Power oil change treatment to end motor problems

    They change from

      From being shinny smooth, clean, freely moving pistons bearings, valves, lifters, and gears - to dirty, wear roughen, loaded with friction drag - along with dozens more unseen moving parts. Those that cause tune up and performance problems by such conditions in your motors emission, fuel, combustion, and exhaust systems.

      Mega Power research developed the products listed to prevent those dirty, friction and wear increasing residues from appearing. Tips 1 and 2 above.

      Mega Power research developed the Worn Motor Treatment listed to clean and free the motor of those dirty, power robbing, friction and wear increasing residues - so your motor will run great again. Tip #3 above.

    Customers report twice as much mileage covered before wear out occurs. Here is why so...

      Friction increases roughness and so does acids - the number 2 enemy of your engine along with hot spots.

      With acid etching and hot spots growing as friction increases wear doubles and triples the wear out speed. Many cars do not make it to the end of the new car warranty period because of it.

      How do you control friction and acid such they limit damage - this slows down the wear out rate as this Oil change 101 Worn Motor Oil change Directions

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