Lube pit marketing
The Mega Power way increases
ROI $1 to $5 per customer average

When you get in the ring to fight, you better be prepared to win
- not just hold your own.

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When you get in the ring to fight, you better be prepared to win
- not just hold your own.

    That's true of your quick lube an lube pit marketing attemps too.

    George Fromem. Lube pit marketing.

    George Foremen Champion Boxer and business man, too! Standing beside Mega Powers Race Truck at a dealer promotion. You're in the Winners Circle with Mega Power.

    I know

      Your oil vendor has deals so you can gain a few percent discount and help raise profit per customer average, on each gallon of oil you buy - if you buy their additives, too. However...

    Quick Lube and Lube Pit Marketing

    If you stop and think about it

      would your go to a chiropractor when you're having a heart attack? NO!

      That is what happens when you fall for that trick of buying additives from your oil vendor - to get a lower price.

      Your suppliers live in mansions, send their kids to the best schools, enjoy vacations flying the jet planes they own - from selling deals. Stop and think about this point!

    Have their additives

      Really made your business as profitable as it has made theirs?

      Your purchase made them richer - buy getting you to buy additives where the profit margin or them is huge - so that any discount you are given, gives the oil seller a big bump up in net profit. Profit made at your expense - and you thought their were your friends. Not so!

      Your suppliers enjoy mansions, send their kids to the best schools, fly jet planes they own - from selling deals to you. Stop and think about that point! who really benefits when an oil seller gets you to buy additives?

    How Mega Power can help you increase you ROI

      One way is to point out over 21 problems in cars you are now missing - with the additive program you have now.

      One major loss of income not offering Mega Power problem-solving wear and tear benefits is costing you tens of thousands of dollars in service profits now going to others - because of the additive program you have now. Such losses of profit are:

      1. The customers sees their car become noisy due to wear, and trades it off for new. The dealership then gets your customer for 5 years of income - not you

        Mega Power makes the noisiest engine smooth running, and quiet as new! Who wans to trade off a good running car - unless there is eminent reason too - such as the sound of the motor suggest its going to fail - so the owner gets a new car now while its still running and has gains greater trade value.

      2. Other car owners go to a parts store. Explains his car burns oil. The parts store loads the man up with additives and oil and the car owner goes home and changes oil himself to control his oil burning problem - you did not do with a guaranteed assurance - which Mega Power would offer.

        Two other Mega Power profit producers include banners and signs and training of your employees. And Mega Power's direct mail and Email programs sell YOU as the car care expert and bring in customers to you with the message you solve wear and tear problems no one else can!

        Direct mail and emails by Mega Power inform those of your special car care expertise that did not know you existed - or had no reason to use you until this Mega Power marketing ploy provided the reason - bring new customers in for Mega Power advantages.

      Mega power will up your lube pit marketing profit per customer $1 or more

      Another advantage Mega Power gives you is extra value. What extra value?

      Mega Power Dependability Improving Advantages address the one area where lousy additives can't ever go, and can never increase invoice averages - That place is in the customers sub-conscious, where all decision-making is made or avoided.

      If the customer conclude you provided actual results in performance improvement and ended problems that otherwise would go on to require expensive repairs. The sub-conscious no longer sets up worry on this matter. The presence of reality is satisfied.

      Mega Power provides that extra value - isn't that what builds business one customer at a time? Sure it is.

      Just any ole additive cannot do that for you. It has to have the name Mega power. Find out how to start your Mega power program and its Average profit per car profit increase - you have been looking for.

    Does all this

      Sound like it might have a bit of truth to it?

      Could Mega Power increase your bottom line by $500 net every month?

      The way to find out is to try Mega Power Risk Free for 6 months and see.

      We will train you and your crew to educate customers why they need Mega Power as part of their service over every other service offering out there. Why Mega Power is what the whole car needs.

    When you go into the ring

      - Or business, you need more than an edge, you need the winning strategy. Like George Foremen - who had one in the ring, and in business. You have that winning strategy with Mega Power - even George knows that point!

      That strategy starts with the best, most unique product line out there.

      It will make you a Mega Power user and believer.

      Customer will respond to the Mega Power education you provide as very important to their car care strategy.

      They become Mega Power "believers" too - for all they want to protect and have run great too! That is a great lube pit marketing strategy.

    Our product line

      Covers over 20 different problem-solving situations your customers will be glad you knew about for them - 20 more ways to produce more and more income, thanks to - me, and Mega Power! I'm part of that strategy to help you succeed.

      You need that strategy! I'll show you what it is and how to perfect it! help you take home to the misses at least $500 more each month. She will know your getting smarter too!

    End this problem now!

      Never have to say: "No, We can't afford that right now, Dear. Maybe when business is better." Doesn't that make you feel so much less of a provided when you have to say that?

      The longest journey always starts with the first step. Start yours here!

    Contact me

      For our program details. Ask a question. Find out if its right for you! How to get started. Learn about our $1 - $5 per customer profit increase guarantee.

        Call me now! george christ your Mega Power Lube Pit Marketing Expert, at 512 665 3388.

        Get on down the road to greater customer satisfaction and the only way known to increase your net $500 to $5000 every month.

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