End your lousy fuel economy, power-lost problems - with this fast, easy, inexpensive product.

Lousy fuel economy tips. End lousy mileage, smoky exhaust, power lost by cleaning these 6 motor areas. How to & DIY products to use.

I'll show you how to end your fuel waste problem! And...

    The products to use.

    Even Guarantee it works!

Did I promise all that? I must be nuts! I'm Not!

What's the secret? And, why am I so confident this works?

    I know several things about ending lousy fuel economy,and wear causing problems few others know - that will help you!

    No, I'm not going to tell you to check your tires, your battery, your oil color, or even check your car owners manual for service required - like all those other auto sites bellow about.

    That is bunk! Instead...

I have a simple method that has worked in thousands of cars,
big rigs, all kinds of tractors and trenchers.

After testing dozens and dozens of additives,

    I discovered an additive product from Mega Power - that was a real eye-opener. After trying several ideas customers would come back to the shop and compliment me on the great job I did on their car.

What was that great job that produces this result, I'll tell you.

Their product - a treatment, and my method

    Of installing it, is a fast, guaranteed way to clean, free, and smooth, and then coat 6 critical problem-causing areas - sub-systems that cause performance decline, and waste plenty of fuel.

    My simple cleaning procedure, and the products super-fast-acting ingredients - 6 of them, ends lousy fuel mileage - when everything else has been checked, and has failed too.

Here is the point. Over time

    Those once clean, shinny internal parts like pistons, bearings, valves and gears become wear-roughen, and dirty and sticky.

    Sticky piston rings and valves, along with a hundred other parts having more friction than they use too, reduce combustion power, and begin to absorb power that use to pass-on to spin the wheels.

    Does that make sense to you? It should!

    All that cleaning, freeing, smoothing and protecting is what Mega Power does to quickly end your fuel waste problem.

    While restoring good fuel economy, Mega Power also ends dozens of other problems lurking deep inside. This prevents that future cause of unexpected damage.

That is the secret about Mega Power and me.

Mega Power FISC Service Tune Up

End fuel waste, lousy mileage, high exhaust emissions, wear power-lost problems.

As you can see from the above picture and drawing below

    You now have a product that, for the first time, provides you an easy way to clean and free all those dozens of parts - now causing you lousy fuel economy.

    Those parts are the ones that deter power - that waste fuel and cause wear and performance problems to every car, truck, and tractor.

Let me illustrate how serious a problem this is with valves, rings and bearings:

    Grip a pencil or pen. Pretend it is one of your 8 to 36 valves and the dozens of other sliding, rubbing, turning parts your engine may have.

    Hold it so it slides out of your grip but stop it with your other hand so it stays in your loose grip.

    Now gently push it up and let gravity cause it to drop. Repeat this several times.

    Notice that a very weak or open grip or clinch of your palm lets it slide up and down easily.

    Now, tighten the grip just slightly so there is resistance to pushing the pencil up. Notice, the pencil does not fall freely.

    The bit tighter your squeeze the more resistance to going up and down.

    The rings and valves when clean open and close instantly. As friction and oil breakdown gums-up those parts - there is resistance.

    That resistance causes more friction and prevents those parts from being where they should. Out of time - not, in time.

    Does that make sense to you? Now, look at this drawing. Figure out if it explains why your car is acting up now, or not!

    Those dirty parts require the costly eventual taking of the motor apart for cleaning as the remedy. Now, Mega Power chemistry does it for you.

End fuel waste, lousy mileage, high exhaust emissions, wear power-lost problems.

That's not the end of the story - however. No!

    Two good things now occur

    1. After wards, your car will run, not just run like it did prior to your car problem - but like it has a bigger motor. Imagine that benefit!

    2. When this "treatment" is installed in a car, it always runs better - like the after effects of medicine that opens your air passage ways when ill, helps you function great again.

    3. The smoothing of friction-roughen surfaces releases power to speed you down the road faster. Right now, overcoming friction is stealing that power and slowing your car down.

    4. Guess what! Right now, you're pressing the gas pedal down a bit to go that higher speed. And, the gas in your tank is consumed faster. Reversing this is also a unique benefit from Mega Power - no other product lays claim too!

      So, Mega Power figured out how to clean, free, smooth, coat, and protect - and this product advantage is what you really need!

    5. It is why I can guarantee the results and products we suggest for your lousy mileage problem. I don't think you will be disappointed - in any car or equipment you install the product into - new, or older, even worn, like I'm about to show you.

      Side note: No refunds ask for last 267 days.

Now, I can tell that this product will work for you because

    Every motor and transmission goes thru several stages of wear and tear inside. For example: Oil breakdown, the increase of friction, sticking and binding of valves and rings.

    They are part of what needs attention to end your lousy mileage - along with a tune up. Tune up parts get the out side, Mega Power does the inside.

    I'll show you on how to do so on the page I send you to, below. As friction increases and sticky, wear increasing residues increase and affect performance, deter power, and waste gas, this product cleans, frees, smooths and coats every part inside, to reverse those negatives.

About me! I'm George Christ.

    I'm the countries expert in all this.

    I became such after working with experts - then improved their process. I call this web site: auto tune up and repair options - for that reason. This information gives you the other option beside a costly repair.

    I'm using new chemistry technology - not sold in part stores. Containing ingredients traditional part-store additives just do not have. Picture of product treatment to end lousy fuel economy.

    I support my statements by test equipment - like doctors use on a person in the operating room. The readouts determines what works and what does not - for the patient, and the car!

However, all you will need is a drive around the block to realize we showed you how to fix your car problem, for good.

    I spent years to find the products and the procedures that ends fuel waste, ends wear problems, make cars run good and near new again!

Now, its your turn to end your car's fuel waste, wear, and performance problems, order this treatment for your cars. You know you need them!

This can help you avoid thousands of dollars of avoidable, future car repair, you are now heading for.

End fuel waste, lousy mileage, high exhaust emissions, wear power-lost problems

End fuel waste, lousy mileage, high exhaust emissions, wear power-lost problems. Click this link below to learn more.
If you want, you can call me to learn more! For happier motoring.... george christ 512 665 3388

PS: Call now if you have a question or to have us ship the product and simple instructions direct to you. It's easy to install and I'm here by the phone to walk you through the easy installation.

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