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My story.

Kitchen Fire Repair Contractor. Central Texas area. Bids wanted. Tips offered. Insurance claim help given.

Our fire, water, storm damage estimate offers much more value for your insurance's dollar fire, water, and storm repair. Be sure we are one of your bidders. Call 512 665 3388 for your bid.

Storm, fire, water damage and repair tips. Insurance claims.

My story. My fire

A rapid, hurried-knock sounded from the door.

    There was my renter - Bill. "George," he said. "Come over to the house. I want to show you something."

    This is what I saw - next door, when I looked at the Kitchen!

    Kichen fire damage and repair

    That is what it looks like after a kitchen fire occurs.

    How did this fire happen?

    I've seen and repaired house fires - and storm, and busted pipe damaged homes. But fires are that common any more. [They must have found a way to prevent coffee makers from starting fires]. That's good!

    This story. This fire. What I learned, can help you

    At our house,

      After me repeating stories of giving bids on house fires - usually, kitchen fires caused by coffee makers. We developed the habit to pull-out the coffee machine plug from the wall, after each mornings usage. A fear of probabilities makes us do that. Silly I suppose.

      The above fire happened while sausage was frying - and the renter bolted to the conner store for eggs.

      Just a 5 minute grocery run ended up as a $35,000 fire - . And he put it out himself! That's crazy. I called the fire department. They checked the attic with heat sensors, roof and all - and declared it OK.

    Tips about kitchen fires Below.

    This picture is the "look" after I did the repair. The vent hood wire [hanging], and 8 inch circle, [not cut out yet], is the next item on the to-do list. An 8 inch circle needs to be cut into the sheet-rock drop-drown. My tip - on this, and more below.

    Kitchen fire, reconstruction

    Kitchen fire - repaired

    The new stove vent system Not cut thru the sheet rock yet, vents heat and cooking odors from the stove vent-a-hood, to the roof and out.

    This type vent has several advantages - helps cool kitchen area. Reduces A/C cooling loads. That lowers electric bills - and keeps the cook cooler & happier.

The common, less-effective way is to filter all the heat and moisture back into the room - that is the way most ketchen vents work - to save the contractor $200. A vent system to the outside can be added to any home - and its not that costly [$200-$400]. It pays for itself many times over.

About Fires. About the Rebuild Process

Water boils at 212 degrees.

    A fire in a kitchen or any room reaches 2000 degrees in less that 2 minutes time - if its a blaze.

    There is no way to stop it! My renter was lucky in doing so! Maybe the stove-vent to the roof helped remove the huge amounts of heat and he was lucky that way.

    Advice. In case of a house fire - where do you meet, outside?Have a place to meet outside. If trapped by fire. Bust the window and screen with a chair to get out. Break out the window. Cover the glass with a bedspread to avoid cuts - it all going to be ruined anyway - so don't fret it. Get out first!

    Call 911 when you get out of the house. Yell - fire. Fire, Fire. Get others alerted and out. Closed doors to seal off areas. If you can.

Things to do after the fire:

Call your insurance company. They will send out an estimator. You or they will find a contractor. Smoke damage, and clean-up, piece by piece will be performed. Keep a folder of receipts to prove cost of items you buy over the years. just for this and thief reporting losses.

Ask your agent for a list of what's covered. You need that for cleaning and other purposes - to help you recover.

A local contractor can give you personal help and maybe bid the job.

    I work the Austin, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, Texas Areas as a contractor. I do remodel and repairs of any kind and do large and small jobs. Fires and water damage included.

    The pictures shows the after, of what I do. You can call me for fire, house leveling, patch, re-texture walls, and paint to look fresh and new again. Any an everything - top to bottom, I good at it all!

    I work on all that needs to be done in and around the home or business. I welcome you call and give free bids and estimates.

    More at the links below.

Or talk to me; my cell: I'm George Christ. My cell 512 665 3388

Kitchen repair and Handyman contractor, George Christ.

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