For many years, Gary and sons has done great engine building work for me. My customers are always pleased - an I have the pickiest customers around!
.... Ed Tack Auto Repair.

Our sympathy to Gary's family and friends over his death. He is well respected for auto machine and engine building skills. >What Gary's customers say:

"For many years, Gary and sons have rebuilt and machined many engines and engine heads for me.

I could buy rebuilt engines from a parts store, but, who knows the hidden flaws they contain.

Sure, they are guaranteed - but you have to yank them out for a swap when they go bad - and that's more than occasionally! I hate that experience. With Gary's expertise, all my engine work has been flawless! I like that!

My many racing car motors also enjoy perfect work from Gary's. Gary promoted The Mega power Brand of additives for my vehicle and marine engine and gear performance improvements. I now buy those Mega Power additives online from my good friend George Christ at his website.

I'm Ed Tack Automotive, in the Woodlands. I suggest you let Gary and sons do your next job. You will be glad you did!"...Ed Tack

Let Gary do your engine overhaul and machining.
128 Wilson RD, Humble, TX-77338
Tel: (281) 446-4940. Ed Tack Likes Mega Power Engine & Transmission additives