Most engine oil flush products are harmful. This one is not! The new flush treatment from Mega Power. The flush that cleans, revitalizes and protects.

Engine oil flush, product review.

No one likes an engine sludge problem. Our tips.

When your motor starts acting up - like your body, it needs a special kind of cleaning - to rid it of the problem-causing conditions.

However, most engine oil flushes sold for this purpose are harmful because...

    They contain solvents, which destroy oils lubricity in the cleaning process - that increases friction.

    Solvent engine flush products are a responsible cause of future engine problems. Most mechanics will tell you so.

    That is why your local parts store or lube place will sell you such products - but, rarely a mechanic.

Cleaning your motor the right way is important now and then:

    To end, even avoid wear and performance problems.

    And even more important when age, hi-mileage, or a wear or performance problem deters your motors smooth running ability.

    A new kind of engine oil flush/protector combo from Mega Power can now quickly and inexpensively end poor engine running problems. Those that usually take an overhaul - at a cost of $2000 plus, to correct.

    This new product, a treatment cleaner and protector, promotes longer, trouble-free vehicle life. This also may be important if you're going to keep your car, and want to reduce repair cost, or possibly avoid and expensive overhaul.

This review shows what types of flush to use, to avoid, and what is best to end your car problem, keep your car humming smoothly for years to come.

Isn't that what you're really after when maintaining your cars?
Sure it is!

The "inside problem" and the best remedy I ever found

If you suspect that wear or dirty internal conditions is causing your engine a problem, clean it easily, as described below.

This is a new service product from Mega Power that helps end wear and performance problems and helps promotes years longer trouble-free performance for your cars.

What happens harmful inside your motor has to go! This product from Mega Power does the job right!:

  • Including, the cleaning of sticky, slow closing valves - a common cause of power decline

  • Cleaning and freeing of sticky piston rings that lost its combustion-sealing flexibility.

  • The smoothing of wear roughen pistons and bearings.

  • The ending of piston combustion blow-by, which creates oil breakdown and sludge. A contributing cause of your motor problem.

  • A cause for a variety of performance problems.
No wonder a vehicle owner goes looking for a flush to clean his motor. However, more than a flush is needed.

And solvent type flushes are not what's good for your motor!

The danger of using solvent engine oil flush products.Solvent flush products - those sold everywhere are great profit makers for the seller.

They are sold, even tho its commonly known that solvents destroy the oils lubricity - this increases friction - and are a responsible cause of future engine problems.

Introducing a new, 100% safe, engine-oil-flush.

The new flush treatment from Mega Power.

This cleaning, protecting treatment cleans 6 sub systems in both the top air, fuel, combustion, top piston ring and valve-head side, and the bottom oiling, lifter, valve stem, and lower piston rings.

It restores performance in minutes, or free! We are very confident of this products ability to help your motor run better than ever, again.

This engine flush is made:

  • For any motor showing signs of needing a good cleaning
  • Those having a performance problem a cleaning will correct
  • And for older, worn motors you want to revitalize -keep going for a few more years.

Try the Mega Power Flush Method Risk-Free...

Press one of the buttons with the word "Motor." You will go to a page with products picture above are explained in detail.

Ordering info, price, directions and guarantee is given.

We like, and guarantee the Mega Power Engine Treatment, because it is an engine oil flush treatment containing 4 cleaners, not just one, and 2 anti-wear motor protectors - to add longer life benefits.

Mega Power cleans to end your car running, wear, or performance problem. Helps it last longer with its anti-wear ingredients MC+.

Why just clean one dirty motor area, when 6 areas are dirty? I'll show you how to clean all 6. It's easier than you think! Results are instantly noticed - and last indefinitely!

Click this link for details: Mega Power Engine Oil Flush Product

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