Mega Power's new engine friction reducing treatment ends 5 causes of friction not possible before.

Mega Power engine friction reducing product review

Engine Friction comes from several sources.

While additives usually may stop one friction problem - they could not stop all 5 - until now! This brand, Mega Power, ends all 5!

  1. Mega Power ends conditions that cause sticking of rings and valves
  2. Conditions that bind such as a wear-roughen crankshalf and rod bearing worn surfaces
  3. Surface change from smooth to roug increases resistance - which Mega Power removes
  4. Piston ring and valve movement - when dirty or having friction that was not there before.
  5. Ends friction from blowby - caauses acids to collect in the oil - a wear increasing factor that causes more friction.

All five of which Mega Power ends with a power restoring benefit you thought was worn away.

You probably agree, friction is not beneficial for your engine

- So, if your car, truck, RV, or equipment is showing signs of wear from growing amounts of miles this product is what you need. It pays for itself many times over - customers report!

What is Mega Power? How to use Mega Power to end your car's wear problem for good!

Your looking at a picture of your motor and several negative conditions causing engine friction - Mega Power ends, adding years more life and dependable service to your car and equipment.

Ending engine friction caused problems with Mega Power Motor Treatment Mega Power's invention: Mega Power's Motor Treatment came about when common additives could not end friction and residue problems in today;s cars. It was discovered six products, each design to end one or two friction-caused conditions - worked even better when combined.

To NOT end all five causes of friction - just one or two maybe, you stand a faster chance to wear out those other engine parts twice as fast - because excessive friction doubles the speed up of wear out.

Grouped together, are 4 different anti-friction cleaners - for four types of residue conditions your motor has, and 2 friction modifiers - one smooths your wear-roughen pistons, bearings, valve stems, cams and such. The other adds a co-polymer coating over those parts - filling the worn areas - for a nice smooth powerful running motor again - that will run great for years.

Engine friction reducing problem solver - Mega Power

I'll show you what those conditions are and how this new engine treatment does much more than reduce engine friction - to end over 20 problems, and thereby add years more life and dependable service to every car you add Mega Power to.

As shown in the picture, the products are;

  1. Mega Power Fuel Injector Cleaner(red). Removes performance robbing carbon and resin deposits
  2. Intake and Combustion Flush (Yellow). Removes the cause of sticky valves and stuck compression piston rings.
  3. Emissions System Cleaner (black). Reduces heat, friction and engine wear.
  4. Engine Flush with MC+ (yellow). Removes harmful, sticky, and thick residues the cause lifter valve, and piston ring sticking.
  5. Engine Cooler and Conditioner with MC+(black).
  6. Mega Power Oil Treatment with MC+ (black). Treats the oil so it stays clean longer, improves film strength, fill worn surfaces.
Each of the products listed above, and shown below, reduce one of the five causes of engine friction. They are installed in two steps that are very easy. The six are classified as one engine treatment - because that is what works. This treatment works to reduce engine friction as you drive in under 100 miles.

Mega Power Engine Friction Reducer and Engine Revitalizer.

This demo shows how it stops engine friction caused by extreme pressure, normal wear, oil breakdown, excessive heat.

As you may know, the common way to end engine friction problems is to wait until a $2500 motor overhaul is needed. Then, new parts will replace those dirty worn ones in your motor.

Now, Mega Power Engine Friction Reducing Treatment - I call it the Worn Motor Treatment, can give back what you thought engine friction worn away. And do so for under $100. I'll help you install Mega Power - its easy to do, driving does the fix as you drive in under 100 miles.

If you would like to order this engine friction reducing protection for your cars, here is how to do so.

    Ordering, Shipping, Guarantee Information

      To order Mega Power Engine Friction Reducing Treatment for your car, call me at 512 665 3388

      Our Guarantee.

      Your money refunded if not delighted after a 90 day period.

      No refunds requested - last 267 days.

      Shipped to your door in about 4 days by Fedex.

    One Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment.

      Includes the 6 items needed for your motor treatment. Instructions. Guarantee. Price. $65+ $15s&h= $80 total. Shipped to your door.

      The patented feeder bottle is made for long term daily use.

      Price: $125 Free shipping. For mechanics. It can be rented for a week for $25. A $100 charge if you want to keep it, or if not returned in the allowed time. Made for rugged daily use by mechanics. Not needed if doing one or 2 cars.

      Order now by calling - Call 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

    Order Two Worn Motor Treatments for 2 cars. 12 items.

      Just $115 +$15s&h= $130 total. Save $30

    Order a Mega Power Transmission Treatment RS3.

      Protect the integrity of your transmission - and for smoother shifting, stops leaks. Includes a cleaner flush, a conditioner, and protector/problem-solver. Just: $60+ $15s&h= $75 total.

    Order both Engine and Transmission Treatment for one car. 9 items

      Same guarantee. Both delivered to you for $115 total. Save $30. [Engine and Transmission Treatment shipped to you. $115 total].

      Double above order: 2 treatments for 2 motors and 2 treatments for 2 transmissions. $200 total. Shipping included. Save $80 - and get this bonus.


      Order any 2 treatments, receive FREE, our $12 Mega Power Lube and Penetrating spray- Free. Lubes & frees anything stuck, rusted, or squeaking. For home, shop, vehicle use. Mention this page. Offer Limited with any 2 or more Mega Power Treatments. You must ask for this special by calling in your order.

    Order now by calling - Call 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

    Fleet, Lube and Tune, Parts store, and Auto Repair owners.

      Order 6 MP Worn Motor Treatments for 6 cars. Free shipping. $300 total. $50 per kit. Free s&h until 6/30/13

      Use two Treatment for large diesel truck engines and their automatic transmissions. Specify, if stick-shift transmission for its product treatment. Shipped USPS or Fedex.

    Order now by calling - Call 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road humming again!

      Order by phone. Call if you have a question or concern about your cars and equipment problem. Call me, George Christ. Factory Direct Distributor. At 1-512 665-3388

    What other say about the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment

      "I mostly work on Mercedes and BMW's. I install and thought Amway was good for these and my cars, It is. But, Mega Power solves friction and wear problems Amway can't - in areas where Amway can't go, like cleaning the motors Emission system, cleaning power deterring, sticky pistons rings, and slow-closing valve problems. And by reducing the friction drag piston and bearing wear causes.

      Most everyone knows motors get that way over time. They just live with it - or trade the car, truck, or RV off for new - and let someone else worry about it.

      This treatment - as part of whatever the customers car tune or repair needs are, end its hidden power-loss and wear problems.

      Customers are amazed at how good my repairs and tune ups are - since I started using your Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment in every car I work on. "ET, Mechanic. Houston.

      Also, from Houston. Gary, owner of Gary's Engine Machining and Engine Rebuilding, - who does rebuilding for Houston area automotive, industrial, and marine engine shops, companies, and individuals, says...."

      For many years, Mega Power has been the assembly-lube for all our engine rebuilds. It smooths the friction break-in process almost instantly, and ends the #1 caused of common engine rebuild failure problems.

      I make sure my customers keep Mega Power in their new rebuild at oil changes, to keep the performance up. Mega Power is my secret for great long-term, engine overhaul performance success. My customers agree. And many buy Mega Power from me for all their other cars, diesel trucks, and such - to help them run better, and longer." Gary.

      "My leak stopped in two days, No more oily drips on my driveway to track into my house. and my older Chevy Malibu runs like it has a new motor. I thought it was worn out!" BT.

      "I'm going 20 to 40 miles further between fill ups on the same trips to work and back." Bob. Good Fuel Economy returns as a result. "No More Smelly, Smokey Exhaust."

      I know of no other way to gain these advantages for under $100 - other than by a $2000 to $5000 motor overhaul.

      Order one or more Mega Power Engine Friction Reducing Motor Treatments - I call the MP Worn Motor Treatment, while its on your mind. Why be sorry later on that you forgot!

    Includes the 6 items needed for the treatment. Instructions. Guarantee. Price. $65+ $15s&h= $80 total. Shipped to your door.

    Order now by calling - Call 1 512 665 3388. Get on down the road of life running smooth and strong again!

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