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Ocean Plumbing Drain King

Sani-jet sewer and drain cleaning
Up to 50% faster than other methods. Permanent. Cost less. 100% Sanitary.
..............Call 361 937-7284

Ocean Plumbing Drain King Cleaning Service

  • This service begins with our Ocean Plumbing Company camera-operated, Sani-Jet probe.
  • This new technology provides Corpus area home owners and businesses a "lo-cost, efficient, drain king, cleaning service."

  • From kitchen and bathrooms, to the street or septic tank - for a long term, trouble-free fix - guaranteed.

  • Call us for a Fast, Free right now, $50 Estimate. If OK, we will perform the service right then.

  • Talk directly to a local, master plumber - not a call-in service, located out of state.

No messy, steel rotating snakes, with damaging cutter heads, jammed down your drains used, or needed with our system

Ocean Plumbing's Method

Our Sani-jet camera cleaning probe

    Is inserted into the drain line. Its computer aided laptop shows its travel to the blockage point.

    Customers enjoy watching, as we do, with great curiosity. We don't mind. We answer questions and explain what's happening as we work. Its a tiny robot system. It does the work.

    A powerful razor-thin liquid slices the blockage up into small fragments - and harmlessly washes it on down into the cities sewer system. You can see the results live, as this cleaning occurs.

    That entire drain is then cleaned like new. Next...

    The system is used to Sani-Clean your kitchen and bathroom drains - from those places to the street - for a complete like-new clean. You now can enjoy a trouble-free, like-new drain operation, again.

    A 12 month Guarantee is included as part of the service.

Call 361 937-7284. And this happens next.

    We will tell you if it sounds like you may qualify for our $89 Service call. If not...

    You receive a total estimate - for free! A $50 limited time offer.

    If you like our estimate, we will do the service right them - to your satisfaction.

If your problem has flooded your floors, we can help you with that. If your insurance covers the problem, we can handle that part for you, too!

A Full Service Plumber. If its plumbing connected - we do it!

Area served. Our Home base is in the Flour Bluff Area

However, we serve the entire Corpus and the surrounding towns.

We are called upon for...

    New construction bids, rehab, remodeling, plumbing, leak problems, faucet, tub, shower, water heater, and gas hook up and safety checks. And of course, sewer line blockage removal.

Smell gas - do not turn lights off or on. Leave the house and call 911 for help. They will shut off the gas. We or most plumbers can then be called upon to do that repair to code for you.

Plumbing is not a side-line with us. We're experts!

I'm James Christ:

    Your Corpus Christi Drain King and Sewer-Line Cleaning Specialist. My company, Ocean Plumbing, is one of the areas top 3 Plumbing companies.

For a free bid and fast service to end your sewer, sink, toilet, or septic problem, call me at 1-361 937 -7284

How our estimates are made.

    There is a fixed, one hour charge. After the problem is located. That determines the time, means, and expense to correct the problem.

To reduce your expense

    We slide a LIVE sewer line camera into your drain line. This revels the blockage and also shows the condition of the pipe or drain line.

    From this, an estimate is given on the spot - and with your OK, we proceed with the remedy.

    This lowers your expense. A One Year Guarantee assures you of only paying once.

We are not the lowest price around, nor the highest. However, No one does a better job, nor do they have the experience we offer.

Our List of customers is now at 4,500 in Corpus. From New Construction, to commercial, to home owners.

Top BBB rating. No Complaints listed.

Why have just any person handle such a sensitive problem inside or outside your home - when, with me, you get - not a helper, but a master plumber working for you. Bonded and insured, for your protection, also.

State of Texas Certified. Environmental friendly. Health Code Legal. Free Advice - even if you don't use us.

One Year Guarantee. For a free bid, or Emergency? Call 1-361 937 -7284 We located at 304 Glen Oak Drive. Corpus Christi, and sevice the 50 mile surround area. Texas Zip 78418 Fax 361 937 3116

Drain king cleaning specialist. State of Texas Master Plumber Certification and License
Drain king, zip 78411,78408, More about Ocean Plumbing

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