These car lot additives end these problems - help sell more cars each month

 car lot car problem solving additives from Mega Power

Car lot additives Contact Info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388... george The car lot owner is constantly trying to undo a variety of engine transmission radiator and power steering problems - yet reduce his expense to do so...

By spend $100 or less on each car using the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment he will invest in the strongest, fastest acting, time saving, and cost reducing method of taking care of every sic vehicle - having it instantly run as if supercharged - to the delight of any car buyer looking for a sweet, quiet, yet powerful running vehicle.

That's the promise here of Mega Power that me and hundreds of car lot owners depend upon to produce the quickest return on each cars investment.

These car lot additives turn more cars each month - your profit secret for you to enjoy.

    Got sluggish cars - because they sit to long.

      Add these 3 cleaners and friction modifiers like this:

      1. Add #S to the fuel tank.
      2. Add #F to the motor oil.
      3. Drip #I over the throttle plate with the motor running
        so the liquid is sucked into the motor.

      The Tune Up is almost done! Connect what you took loose. Next.... Drive car for 15 minutes. Do 2 slow speed to high speed spurts 5 minutes apart during the 15 minute drive. Help cars that sit, start instantly, run smooth, shift smooth. Stops valve tapping.

    Mega Power Quick Engine Tune Up for ars that sit

    Those car lot additives will work great and often avoid need for a tune up. Help improve profit by having cars that sit on the lot start quickly, and run quietly, drive strong, and shift smoothly.

    Call me for this kit of 3 kit items named FISC. FedEx drops them off in the morning. Just $48 delivered.

    Order 3 sets for 3 cars for $99 delivered. Call now. 512 665 3388

More car lot additives. These help transmission shift better. They will turn more cars each month - our secret for you to enjoy.

Got a transmission problem? Service the transmission with Mega Power #TS#3

    Those car lot additives will save you a $500+ repair expense, in 2 out of 3 cars. They help improve profit by their ability to end rough shift, jerky shifting, and seal leaks.

    Mega Power stops rough shifting, leaking transmissions.

    Mega Power Transmission Service #TS#3 will help you fix more cars having a transmission problem. Mega Power #TS#3 is another secret that helps sells more cars each month.

    Call me for these products and I'll have FedEx drop them off in the morning. Just $75 delivered.

    Order 3 sets for 3 cars: just $150 delivered. Call now. 512 665 3388

Another car lot additives: This one helps Hi-mileage motors run great again. That motor needs the MP Worn Motor Treatment.

    The MP Worn Motor Treatment instantly improves the weak performance of older, smoking, oil burning car, and any Hi-mileage car run almost good as new.

    Worn Motor Treatment from Mega Power.

    The MP Worn Motor Treatment will save you repair expense, and help improve profit by ending exhaust smoke, rough cold idle, stalling, valve taaping, and seal and gasket leaks.

    This $75 inventment will sell those kinds of cars at $500 to $2000 more that otherwise - the MP Worn Motor Treatment is the secret that sells more cars each month.

    Call me for the MP Worn Motor Treatment and I'll have FedEx drop them off in the morning. Just $75 delivered.

    Order 3 sets for 3 cars: just $150 delivered. Call now. 512 665 3388

The above Car lot additives

Provide "permanent tune up and overhaul like advantages," and cars that sit for weeks crank, start, and run - as if like new.

Those that smoke, tap, run cold-blooded, and shift poorly are the cars that need Mega Power.

Any size, brand, age, or mileage, and state of wear! This not a cover up product.

The Mega Power Brand effect last for years! Chrysler added it to their new cars on the assembly line to stop raw friction caused problems that worn out engines years to soon.

These car lot additives help turn more cars each month - our secret for you to enjoy.

In some parts of the world, you void your Mercedes Benz warranty if you don't use our Mega Power oil at oil change.

Do you want every car on your lot to start quickly, idle smooth - and run great - even if it sits for weeks.

    We have the product that does so! Mega Power is the brand. Sold only on line.

    It makes every car take off down the road - as if the engine and transmission had the greatest care, and were in top condition!

    These Car-lot-additives boost power such, the car sometimes burns rubber on rapid acceleration. Not a octane booster!

    These car lot additives help turn more cars each month - our secret for you to enjoy.

These Car-lot-additives helps a car start instanly, run smooth, take off with zip, shift smoothly, quit smoking, end tapping, and leaks fast

This Demo shows how and why...

Here are the details on what to use and where.

Mega Power products are packaged two ways

  1. Economically, in gallons of 3, to treat 20 cars and their engine transmission and fuel tank. The whole car. 20 different cars at once. Described below.

  2. Also comes individually packaged as a treatment to solve a specific wear and performance problem.

  3. This method of servicing end end its problems in a few minutes or its free to you!

  4. Click the buttons for the left for specific problem solvers you should inventory to have on hand when needed.

  5. Read on for info on bulk gallon Treatments.

What you need to know

Of the 3 pak gallons contains a fuel injector, combustion, and spark plug cleaner - this new feature makes for quick starts. Add 6oz of #I to the gas tank.

One gallon contains a new type motor tune up treatment to stop leaks, oil burning and tap - with #I product, they provides a quick crank and instant startup, that helps the motor run quiet, strong, and sound near perfect. Add 6oz of #F to the engine oil.

One gallon contains a transmission and power steering tune up. It ends rough shift and converter lock-up clanks in minutes. Makes shifting when cold - very smooth, effortless. Stops whine, stops leaks quickly. Add 6oz of #T to the transmission fluid.

Treat the fuel, engine and transmission of every car to turn them faster

Tell Customers

    How each car is protected with expensive anti-wear from Mega Power - the most expensive, longest lasting product in it class made. It helps provide a really long, dependable, trouble-free life.

    Become their a Mega Power Reseller - keep the customer tied to you!

    Sell them not just on you and the car, but what's in that car that will make it a great one to own for years to come.

    Tell them, it is your way to treat the cars as if your own! Help the buyer be assured our products - and you, makes for a great serviceable car for them. Let them see the demo - if you like!

Your mechanic can install Mega Power or you can. We canteach youover the phone and by means of this web site.

Nothing else is like this site or product.

You or the tech can call me for specific products to solve a serious problem.

One great way Mega Power pays for itself - is by our products offered in gallons. They treat the whole car lot of up to 20 cars. Not sold in parts stores. Only by tech-qualified factory direct distributors.

To purchase a 3 pak as describe above. Call me.. george at 512 665 3388 Products shipped Fedex in 4 days delivery time.

Cost of a 3 gallon to treat fuel engine and transmission for 20 cars. $200+ $25s&h= $225 total. Cost for 40 car treatments, 6 gallons for 40 cars. $300+ $30s&h= $330 total. Includes our tech help by phone when ever you need it.

Order today, receive a $12 can of Mega Power #120 free. Use it to stop squeaks on hinges, free tight turning locks, and starter key entree hole for a smoother turning key. Mention this add for the bonus gift.

Call me, tell me your one or two car problems, or order the gallons to treat the entire lot full of cars. I'll ship out what you need overnight. Instructions included. And my phone help as needed. ... george 512 665 3388

This handy tool have save thousand of dollars by remove combustion carbon and ending valve tap - other additives could not.

It is use to correct performance problems, injector cleaning, install older motor treatment. About $99+$15s&h+ $114 total. Visa/MC -

More Car-lot-additives info links Car lot additives I used to make cars and trucks run great again

Car lot owners. Your mechanic can correct over 20 problems easily with my suggestions to save you a bundle of money
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