What is an Older Motor Oil Change? What will it do for my motor. What problem does it solve - that my motor needs? Review.

What is the Mega Power, Older Motor Oil Change?

    It is like a regular oil-change, but adds two steps to it to include products to correct problems older, high mileage, and worn motors require; to restore their performance and dependability - in stead of doing so by means of a costly overhaul.

What will it do for my older car and pickup.

    They will run as good as they did when near new, then stay that way.

What problem does it solves - that my motor needs?

    It restores dependability, power, performance, low emissions, and fuel economy to your motor. Problems that, age and wear causes like oil-burning, low compression and vacuum loss, noise, performance decline, engine miss, hi-emissions, and major overhaul - and its cost.

What exactly does it do, to do what you say it does?

    Inside, the products perform a restorative cleaning and friction modifying, to free, smooth, coat, and condition pistons, rings, seals, bearings, valves, gears, cams, and fuel system, fuel injector, air intake passage way, idle adjuster, combustion, and exhaust systems, and sensors.

How long will it last?

    Some of my vehicles have been running ten years by using this oil change every 6 months.

    As long a your motor is sound-running - even though its old and worm, this method will work - guaranteed.

Details. Products needed. Purchasing info

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