Oil-viscosity-improvers. For all
Oils in Motors Transmission. For Gears, Axle, Wheel bearings. For new, rebuilt, older worn vehicles. " Kits" also help rings, valves, stop lifter sticking, leaks, oil burning, exhuast smoke

1- Oil-viscosity-improvers. For motors, transmissions, gears, wheel bearings.

2- Oil-viscosity-improver's for new, rebuilt, an older, worn engines and drive train components. Quiets, cools, improves shifting, improves performance. Most common use is to stop oil consumption in diesel and gas motors.

3- We sell viscosity-improver products packaged with 2 or more specialty products - as a "kit." These are desirable when heavier remediation is warranted - providing faster help for sticky piston rings, worn valve guides, slow closing valves, and lifter tap. In a few miles the "kits" cleaning, penetrating, and sealing recovers lost compression, ends gear howl, and provides the passing of more power to make the vehicle go faster.. My favorite. The following explains my tips for best results.

4- Our recommended Mega Power Viscosity-improver's also offer anti-wear and removal of wear-increasing residues responsible for cutting component life in half.

5- I prefer and use Mega Power "oil change kits" from chemical formulator, Bud Esterline. His chemistry corrects all the problems at once - rather than just thicken oil. Rings, valves, lifter sticking, even oil leaks and valve-guide wear and seepage problems - a major cause of exhaust smoke are corrected.

6- Mega Power "oil change kit" ingredients go one further; They contain extreme-pressure friction reducers to reduce friction-drag buildup.

7- These combinations of oil-improver's reduce wear-increasing residues, binding and noise. Their special coatings on parts also extend years longer durability to the treated component.

8- The results from Mega Power Oil-viscosity-improver's are impressive. Learn more... Purchase a Oil-viscosity-improver Kit for your car

Learn more.. Specific products to use. Tips advice

Full Details and tips for Viscosity-improvers.and other vehicle improvement needs

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