Ed Tack's Houston custom car. Beautiful 92 Porsche Kit Car for sale. Be its proud new owner. Just $24k or best offer in trade
1 512 665 3388

92 Porsche Kit car For Sale. Houston custom car. Woodlands area.

    Ed Tack's Custom Car. Wouldn't you look good in it?

    His custom, chopped 52 Merc should be rolling down the road soon.

    ED and his dad are great mechanics who do meticulous work.

He is a Chevy Dealer mechanic. But works foreign cars just as easily. This is a great example you will be proud to own, drive, and show. Call now before it's gone!

Houston custom car Houston custom car Houston custom car Houston custom car

Ed likes Mega Power for its ability to prevent moisture and acid damage in the motor, transmission, radiator, and fuel. Mega Power is the best anti-wear known. Mega Power is in all his cars. Order Mega Power and learn what's the best for your cars, too! Learn more about Mega Power

To test drive this 92 Porsche Houston custom car that is for sale. More Info... 1 512 665 3388

Houston custom car. Mega Power ends wear and performance problems - for a better running car.

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