Ending your Cars Motors Combustion Problems.

Cleaning 6 critical motor
areas in 2 simple steps.

Ending your Cars Motors Combustion Problems - yourself.

For over 30 years, most mechanics and tune techs

    Have been cleaning fuel injectors as part of the answer to ending a customers performance complaint.

    However, cleaning your cars injectors and carbon removing never could end the other common causes of wear or performance problems.

    When those two cleaning details failed, the assumption was to take the motor apart and hand clean and rebuild the motor. A costly, $1500 to $5000 expense for the car or equipment owner.

However, they are not the only way to do so.

    New chemical technology from Mega Power now offers a new, less expensive option to end those problems caused by friction drag, excessive blow-by, smelly exhaust emissions, slow-closing valves, valve tap, lousy fuel economy, and power loss.

Ending combustion problems: Skill level

    If you're a mechanic, will increase your repair expertise, your skills, and boost your income making ability, by showing you how to rid the motor of those problems.

    Ending combustion problems. The method - The Install, is easy, as you are just adding a specific product to the gas, air intake, and oil. But you will clean 6 areas in two steps - or stages, a week apart.

    If you're a car owner looking for a tip to correct your cars problem - this review will show you what to do. No tools or specials skills needed.

    And, you will learn new car care practices that may help you avoid tens of thousands of dollars of avoidable engine and transmission overhaul and premature vehicle replacement expenses. I like that part, don't you?

This Review shows

    A new and better method, from Mega Power, which makes the cleaning of 6 motor areas possible - not one or two areas, as is the common practice.

    Mega Power, combustion problem-solver

    Mega Power is a leader in the development of problem-solving additives. The products referred to in this review are shown and explained below.

The Problem Areas and the Service Remedy

Wear and performance problems originate

    From the motors sub-systems. There are 6 such sub-systems.

    The treatment from Mega Power cleans, frees, smooths, coats, and ends your car problem on the micro level, where wear and residue cause rapid wear-out trouble - and your problem.

    To do so, Mega Power goes wherever air, fuel, combustion, exhaust, oil, and emissions go - in the 6 problem areas. NOT JUST AT FUEL INJECTORS OR WHERE COMBUSTION OCCURS.

    Now, you know the value your about to receive to end your car problem - the right way.

    This method is The inside half of a good repair and tune up. Described below...

The picture above
    Shows what carbon looks like in your motor and the 6 areas that contribute to combustion, friction, sticking, binding - causing the performance problems all cars experience, and brought in to the shop to be eliminated.

The New Mega Power Tune UP process cleans 6 critical areas of a motor - not just one or two. Detailed below...

    Its a repair and tune up support feature you should include to help end a customers internal performance complaint problem... and get their car back on the road, running again at its best - not as it was just before the problem emerged.

    Is there a difference? Yes, an important one as you shall learn.

    Combustion problems: Show me the money!

    This service adds $100 more labor to the repair process. It may well help the customer put-off a future $2000 repair - should the problem persist over the coming months.

Picture below: products for this service.

The New Mega Power Tune UP process and products to do so, cleans 6 critical areas of a motor - not one or two. They are:

  1. The Fuel System and Filters
  2. Both sides of the Fuel Injectors
  3. The idle adjuster an air intake manifold
  4. The combustion area, pistons, rings, valves, spark plugs
  5. The Emission-smog reducing system
  6. The oiling system
  7. And Valve System - taken care of as part of the
    oiling side cleaning and protecting.

It makes sense to clean all 6 areas to ending their contribution to power loss besides those that combustion and fuel injector problems cause.

I say that because 99 out of 100 mechanics do not know the causes - so they clean the most obvious area - the combustion-chamber. That's like shaving every day because its obvious, but not taking a bath until people get sick of smelling your BO!

I'll show you the right way..... to end combustion problems. My way, it is easy, it takes 10 minutes. ANYONE CAN DO IT - NOT JUST MECHANICS.

The MECHANICS labor charge averages about $100, plus $75 for the products needed. iT IS ADDED TO THE TOTAL ESTIMATE. GC

The method -

    The Install, is easy, as you are just adding 6 specific products to the gas, air intake, and oil.

    It is this method that clean 6 areas in two steps - or stages, a week apart. That also avoids having to take the motor apart and paying $2000 or more to end the problem.

    Since this is for techs and mechanics, they will buy or use a FEEDER TOOL to speed-up the procedure. Rent it for $25. Buy it for $125. Ask for the tool when you call in your product order.

Below is a picture of the Mega Power Feeder Tool and Mega Power Products needed for thew service - detailed below.

Carbon removing products. Picture

Ending combustion problems. The method - The Install, is easy, as you are just adding a specific product to the gas, air intake, and oil. But you will clean 6 areas in two steps - or stages, a week apart.


  1. Add the #S bottle contents to the fuel.
  2. Add the #F bottle contents to the motor oil.
  3. Add the #I bottle contents to the Feeder Tool.
  4. Connect the F T Clear-plastic hose to a vacuum source -like th PVC Valve, or Brakes Booster Vac hose. Hang it like it looks in the picture.
  5. Start motor.
  6. Adjust flow knob so liquid flow is foggy in the tube - not a liquid stream.
  7. Take 5 minutes for the liquid to be consumed. trickle it in.
  8. Do this outside - not in the shop.
  9. Road test afterward and hot rod the car a couple times 20 to 50mph to blow out carbon.
  10. Have customer return in a week for stage two - as part of an oil change.
  11. Step 2. A week later. customer in shop. Add #C to the oil. Run motor 5 minutes. Drain and replace dirty oil and filter with new.
  12. Add #P and #O to the new oil.
  13. That completes the motor cleaning and combustion problems.

Ordering information

The Mega Power Worn Motor Tune Up Treatment 6 item Kit

    One. Cost $75+ $15s&H= $90 total
    Two treatments cost $120+ $15s&h= $135 total
    Six treatments cost $300+ $15s&h+ $300 total

    Order this product today by calling 512 665 3388

    My name is George Christ Factory Distributor Trainer
    for Mega Power Products. 210 Durango Street.
    San Marcos, Texas 78666

    I invite you to call or email for specific help on your engine or power train problem. Email: megapower@grandecom.net
    Call me at 512 665 3388 ... George Christ

What you should know - Ending combustion problems

Combustion problems: Mis-fire

Mis-fire can be caused by several problems

    A Lean, hot combustion mixtures causes spark plug mis-fires resulting in a rough idle. You feel the motor shake as misfire reaches 10%.

    In a short time each misfire creates sludge, causes valve sticking, and the tap sound, cakes-up the valve heads, and the combustion area - as seen in the picture above.

    Both lean and rich ratios result in sluggish power development. Both waste fuel and increase the speed of wear-out. The Mega Power Cleaning Method is ideal for cleaning the above. Pull the codes. Repair as needed.

Please note: A mechanic may be necessary to locate the cause of your problem - if you do not have a Dirty Fuel Injectors problem.

What we suggest should be part of the cleaning procedure a Mega Power Official Installer will follow. I can help your mechanic if he calls me, George at 512 665 3388.

Here is how carburetors and fuel injectors do their job.

    Please note this quote...

    “Per requirement of engine, the carburetor provides an air-fuel ratio, which must be within combustion range. Engine is cold at the time of starting so, very rich mixture is required. Rich mixture is also required at time of idling and producing maximum power. During the normal running, a comparatively lean mixture can be used.” Internal-Combustion-Engineering To see actual quote, click here....

Carburetors discharge

    a continuous but greater or lesser amount of fuel into the air stream passing through he carburetor into the motor, according to demand.

Fuel injectors

    work by cycling a foggy burst of fuel into the air stream, with the duration of the spray determined according to demand, controlled by a readout of various sensors, and an algorithm guideline.

As we cover this subject, Combustion problems,

    we do so from the point of view of what you can do to get your motor running great again using additives.

    This may save you the price of what the dealer or mechanic will charge you.

    Tip. Ending combustion problems. Clean first, then see about repairs, if that need be. Not the other way around.

Directions for the Mega Power, 6 product, Injector Cleaning Kit:

  • Add the [red bottle], Fuel System Cleaner, to your fuel.
  • Add the [yellow bottle], Fuel Injector Cleaner, to your fuel.
  • Add the [black bottle], Emission Cleaner, to you oil.

Everything cleans and works as you drive, in about 50 to 100 miles.

A week later, at an oil change.

  • Add the [yellow bottle], Oil System Cleaner, to your dirty, old oil.
  • Run motor 5 minutes, then change oil and filter.
  • To the new oil, add the [black bottle], Engine Conditioner, to the full level of oil.
  • This is the friction modifying and heavier cleaning step.
  • Add the [black bottle], Oil Treatment, at 3000 miles. Change oil at 6000 miles.
  • This product adds a co-polymer coating, to heal damage, fill worn-away surface metal areas, for a like-new sounding and running advantage.

This should treat the engine for one year. Revitalized and clean!

All the following sub-systems and conditions are also cleaned and re-conditioned as you drive.

What you accomplished by ending Combustion problems this way.

You have just ended hidden combustion problems responsible for stealing the performance. You ended its fuel wasting habit. You lowered high emissions, and you put the wear-out pattern on hold. You have helped to add years of like-new-again life to your vehicle.

You deserved to be paid well for such a great skill.

Dirty Fuel Injectors, Troubleshooting, Ending Combustion Problems, Cleaning and New chemistry technology to the rescue.

Today’s chemistry inventiveness of automotive additive formulator Bud Esterline is in every product from the Mega Power Brand. His research talents includes the contents of, Mega Power FISC, and MP Engine Service. The 1st company to produce a Fuel Injector Cleaner and Engine Revitalizer Product.

Order your 6 pak today, and enjoy the clean that only Mega Power can give. To learn more about a real tune up, and fuel injector cleaning

To order this 6 item, easy to use, fuel injector and engine revitalize, servicing product, Call 512 665 3388 Visa M/C PayPal OK Under $60 +s&h. If you read this far, and order the kit, I'll include our famous lube-and-nut-buster spray. MP #120, a $12 product gift, for ordering now. George Christ

Ending Performance and Combustion Problems by Cleaning

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