J Leno, Ed Justice jr. discuss
the book: Art Chrisman Legacy -Always Faster. His Family of Race Car Builders. First With the Fastest Cars. Their Life and Honors. More...

Race Car legends

    The Chrisman Legacy, Always Faster interview

      J Leno, and Ed Justice Jr cover the race car legend, Art Chrisman - always faster: The book. And the Chrisman Family Racing Honors.

      Click on the links below to view the J Leno, Ed justice Jr review of racing legend, Art Chrisman.

    Art Chrisman Family: Racing Car legends. Chrisman Legacy

      Dad and brothers made the first track speed records using their racing street smarts to do what others could not! They were always faster! Their feats pioneered the way for others to follow.

Jay Leno Interview: Chrisman Legacy. Always Faster. The Book

About Jay Leno

    Jay Leno, late night TV show Host, and car restorer has restored cars of the past - great, and little known, for posterity. Jay is often seen driving his restored cars at Southern California events. Picture I took while touring Jay's Leno's garage -

Race car restorer, builder, Jay Leno Chrisman Legacy  video interview

Chrisman Legacy Always Faster. Book Review.

The J Leno, Ed Justice Jr race car legends, Chrisman Legacy Book Interview, video link:


    Race car legends: The Chrisman Legacy Always Faster Book interview; by J Leno, Ed Justice Jr.

    Jay Lenos garage web site

      See the many great and also unusual cars of the past and present - restored to their former beauty at Jay's garage. Helping Jay are top-notch craftsmen who ply their restoration skills.

      Often times, Jay's craftsmen begin with a rusted-down, long decayed pieces of once-was-a-car, hunk of iron - dragged out from a lonely field, long closed-up garage, some junk yard. Taken to the Los Angeles location - in Burbank, the restoration begins. Have a look at the many results, at http://www.jaylenosgarage.com/cars/

    To visit: Ed Justice Jr Web Site

      Ed Justice jr is tied to race cars, drivers, and racing legends through his dad, Ed Justice, and Ed's brothers, Zeke, and Gus. The Justice Brothers are widely known for their famous race car and driver sponsorship. The Justice Brothers Line of Automotive Problem-Solving additives are world renown for quality.

      See Ed Justice Jr's legendary race car pictures at the Justicebrothers.com web link below. Learn about, hear his hosting of Radio's Longest Running Automotive Show - "Road and Track Speed Radio" with: listening times, famous race car legends - interviews, racing news, and such.

      I like Ed's interviews. I like his Carroll Shelby interview.

      I remember one day at Midway Ford, downtown Los Angeles, where my buddy Ishmael Gonzales and I work as mechanic's. Carroll Shelby dropped off one of his first souped-up Mustangs. The owner let Ishmael have the keys to test drive the car - to give him an opinion, I guess. Ishmael called me to test the car with him. Carroll Shelby's #9 car, it was, I think.

      Down the back way drive out of the dealership the car rumbled. At the street Ishmael jam the gas pedal to the floor. For a moment the tires screamed. Clouds of white smoke floated up - the Mustang shot forward and Ishmael turned the steering wheel right. I glanced at the speedometer watching the needle fly past 60 mph.

      At 80 mph the short street's end suddenly appeared and the brakes slammed on. That was fast! Later, I said to my self, "Who is going to pay $5000 for a car like that when they can buy a new Mustang for $2100. It will never sell!" Mustang production count was in the millions, I believe.

      Carroll Shelby - racing legend, like Race Car Legends the Chrisman family Legacy.

      Had four early Mustangs - wish I had that one! Doing a 65 for a granddaughter Tori, maybe soon - this one my wife drove for awhile, then son Josh, and a couple grand kids had fun in them. Me too! Who's next in line for that car? Tori, where are you? Oh, there you are. Grab some of that wet/dry 200 and lets get this car sanded down, OK? To visit Ed Justice Jr Web site...

      More Chrisman Legacy: Ed Justice Jr. To learn about the Justice Brothers, and the company

        Web site pictures includes: World-wide race car and driver legends and race car pictures carrying the Justice Brothers logos, and interesting race event pictures, by Ed Justice Jr, and others.

        Shows: Justice Brothers Headquarter site: In Monrovia, California. Lobby contains famous, unique race cars, pictures, a sports race plane hangs from the ceiling, and on display the Justice Brothers Line of Automotive Products. Their history.

        Justice Brothers Web Site

      The Chrisman Story. Always Faster. How to order the limited addition book

        Read the details of the book, see pictures, order the book. Limited copies available. This link goes to the that web site. http://www.thechrismanlegacy.com/chrisman_story.html

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      Car buffs and classic car builders get together on a hot summer day for beer, memories, and seeing what the locals drive - as their Hot Rod, Classic Car, and project in the making - car.

      Classic car event Hunter, Texas. Summer 2011

      I took these classic car pictures, at such a gathering, near where I live, at a beer joint in a Central Texas town, called Hunter, Texas. Great cars to admire - some new car dreams to toy with, cold beer, good Bar B Cue, music, friends, new friends.

      At a beer joint where the local show off they cars in Hunter, Texas

      Not shown is the gatherings purpose. A fund raiser. Check it out at Riley's - a beer joint in Hunter, Texas. 78666.

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