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This tune repair help page explains my Car Doctor Recipe philosophy.

  • Its purpose is to show you why using additives to fix your car problem is beneficial.

  • Not just any additive because most don't work! Just one of the few all-around proven brands us repair and tune techs use. We favor the Mega Power Brand. Why?
  • Today's new chemistry is complex and so are additives. With 30 years selling them, and as a mechanic, I can tell Mega Power will do the fix and offer anti wear benefits, also.

  • Our customers pay us well for this expertise. Now, I'll show you the same advantages you can gain yourself.
  • These Tune repair help and tips work in the engine, transmission, steering and other components. They clean and free moving parts causing your problem. This is not possible in any other way - except by costly hand-cleaning of each part.

I'm George Chris. I'll show you a better, cheaper kind of
auto tune up and repair to always use.

Tune repair help you can follow without a wrench:

Tune repair help

Even - worn engines and transmissions and other components will run great again, and for years with-out-overhauling. To benefit you, your family, vehicles, equipment, finances.

Many men and women – like you, not just mechanics, use my auto tune up and repair additive options. They are inexpensive fast-working options that throw in a great bonus.....

The Tune repair help we give provide the extra edge to avoid or reduce your expenses - when an additive can do that for you.

How so?

  • This is because the brand we recommend, "Mega Power," contain ingredients that -in-the-fix-process, slams the breaks on wear. You can read about this exclusive wear-avoiding group of characteristics by reading about the inventors story of Mega Power on this site. Link to his story; bottom of page.

  • Its his formula inventions, and my expertise spelling out how to use his brand for your problem-solving that provides extra years of dependable service no other brand can offer.

  • I have dozens of cars and trucks with 250,000 to 350,000 miles of free-of-the-need for major repair and overhaul - running everyday, when normally, a new engine, transmission, power steering, and air conditioning rebuild is the norm. Not just me, but many others, too!

  • Now, its your turn to test if this is so or not!

A Better, Cheaper Kind of Tune repair help and Avoidance Care to Always Use

What People Say:

      I'm very pleased we could follow your recommendation to fixed our motor with $100 worth of your suggestions. We were told it would take $3,000 for an overhaul. I'll be back for more of the same and to try your other products to help our other vehicles avoid expensive repairs." MC

What Mechanics Say:

      3 times we took the transmission apart to get it to shift right.Your method made it shift beautifully. We recommend your products and your methods to every customer.

      They are now a good source of extra income for us - and our customers respect our expertise even more, when they experience the performance improvements they hoped for. Thanks again." DF Mechanic-garage owner

Most important are these facts:

The products and methods recommended for your fix, are special heat activated cleaners, fluid, oil, and metal surface and seal conditioners with anti-wear qualities.

You won't find them in 90% of the garages. They are not sold in parts stores.

  • Those who promote Mega Power are specially trained in this science, and become experts by actual experience learning what works and what won't.

  • You benefit as they restore and promote a like new zip, performance.

  • With additional years of dependability. With here-to-fore-unsolvable tune and repair fixes and tips for your car, truck, equipment, RVs, boat, motorcycle, and even industrial machine problems.

  • .....Ships, brand new vehicles on the assembly line, race vehicles, even top car-makers recommend or use these – because they work well, work permanently, and consistently.

NOW you, your family, your budget & vehicles will all benefit. I like that idea! Don't you?

Here’s how to get the help you're after.

  • Hit the blog button to get updates and new tips to keep you cars and equipment going trouble-free. And great reminders, too!

  • Click the buttons for help pinpointing your problems fix. Order the products suggested. If they don't do as advertised, I'll refund you your money. You have 12 months to test results.

  • Call me anytime or email me, for help you with suggestions we know will be a good shortcut, and the products needed.

  • See bottom of page for our Great Business Opportunity

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I known you and your family will use my auto tune up and repair options all your life. They will become your secret collection of tips, tricks, providing you thousands of dollars of money-saving tune up and repair remedies." ....George

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PS: Earn a living promoting my methods and products with just a small start-up investment. A huge and profitable market is out there. Call or email me of your interest, questions; USA 1-512 353-1165

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