Some of the best automotive oil additives to end oil burning, valve tap, rough shift, leaks, and other problems are listed here for you

Automotive Oil Additives

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Since the Model A days, automotive oil additives have help remove sludge from engines or thicken the oil.

    The new breed of additives do much more and are not sticky, honey like nor solvent based.

    The new breed of additives avoid or end friction wear and performance problems; and stop leaks, remove carbon deposits, restore compression, stop oil burning, end taping, restore loss of power, and reduce exhaust emission problems - older additives still sold, cannot!

    What you learn here will help you have better running vehicles, that run like new, when others, using other means of care - have to repair, or have to replace theirs.

    While yours run great, and avoids costly, avoidable repairs and replacement all your life.... george

What's good. What to avoid.

    Make sure your choice is not a solvent ingredient product when you add it to your motor oil or transmission. See reasons below.

    Make sure your radiator stop leak has no strings, pellets, or fibers - that will also stop-up the small passageways in newer car and truck radiators and heater cores. New stop leak products have no particles in them.

    Never add a solvent stop leak to any component. Solvents destroy oils lubricity - and you don't need that kind of trouble.

    Look for friction reducing, anti-wear, and friction modification words and ingredients in your additives. These newer, Hi-tech ingredients help makes your cars run smoother, years longer.

    The top brand of automotive oil additives will end your radiator, motor, transmission, gears, A/C, and power steering problems. These are guaranteed to please, or free to you.

Some products are harmful. We'll give you a quick review of them

Top automotive oil additives.

There are 3 types of ingredients commonly used

  1. Solvent based additives used as a flush or rinse, to the oil to rid the motor of sludge.
  2. Those to un-stick a stuck valve These usually are a light oil with a cleaning characteristic.
  3. The better automotive oil additives brands - we link them below, have a cleaning friction reducing protective ingredients you'll want to order. Those ingredient's are called friction modifiers. Your newer motors avoid surface scouring and excessive wear - during the "break-in" period. In gears boxes they reduce heat, noise, and correct shifting problems.
    Over time, additives improved

      Detergents began being added to additives like in BG44K.

      However, it was discovered that new forms of chemical anti-wear cleaners and protectors were better than BG type detergent cleaners. Chemical anti-wear cleaners and protectors have great car-saving, and money-saving automotive problem solving capabilities for the car and equipment owner than detergent type products can provide.

      However, some additive makers still sell profitable-to-them, but harmful additives, with solvents as the main ingredient, or contain a honey-like oil thickener.

    • Problems and damage are regularly reported in cars, RV's, and equipment after solvent based flushes, stop leaks, and thick, honey-like oil additives like Lucas were added to their motor and transmission.

      Stay away from those! Read the label. Be an ingredients reader to spot harm causing products.

    How quality oil and fuel additive ingredients help. Our pick! These offer several needed advantages to remove water in fuel, dissolve varnish, and remove carbon. Makes sure their label says they make water pick up in the fuel tank, burnable.

    For various fluid leaks, check out these newer, better, multipurpose oil and fluid stop leaks.

    New products - like the brand we favor, Mega Power, solve or end wear and performance problems older brands of additives commonly sold, do not!

    Mega Power includes.... Top automotive oil additives for

      Engines, transmissions, cooling systems, steering, and air conditioning systems with age, wear, leak, power loss, tap, and such problems. And for brand new and rebuilt engines and transmission friction, heat, and break-in modifying.

      As engines and transmissions become smaller, more powerful, and High tech, so have motor oils and fluids. We can run oils and fluids thousands of miles longer, but they produce new problems. Mega Power's newer type additives are sold to end those problems, too.

      There are even Mega Power additives to make your older, worn car, truck, heavy equipment, and RV's perform great again. Mike says, "they have his older car sing a happy new song again" - really. Note the

      problem solving help they offer.

      Our most popular automotive oil additives to end oil burning, valve tap, rough shift, leaks

    Hope this automotive additive review

    Helps you end and avoid avoidable car and equipment problems - while doubling their life. Bookmark this page for future reference.

    What we sell and recommend, we sell with a 100% money back, if-not as-advertised guarantee. Spend some time reading and learning around this web site.

    What you learn will help you have better running vehicles, and avoid costly, avoidable repairs and replacement, all your life.

    Automotive oil additives Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order items listed, call me at 512 665 3388... george

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