This new engine sludge  removal method easily restores strong motor performance as it cleans, avoiding repair, while special conditioners give your motor a second life of dependability again. 

Sludge removal tips and products to quickly restore motor cleanliness.
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What you should know

After taking apart and examining hundreds of sludge-up car and equipment motors, you will find ... You don't have one engine problem - you have 4 dirty engine problems  - and the sludge removing product we chose, The Mega Power Engine Sludge Treatment we chose, we chose because it ends all 4 problems for you. Then adds 2 kinds of conditioners to assure you years longer life for your engine. Mega Power...

  1. Removes sludge safely: What Mega Power removes it holds in suspension for the oil filter to remove - or for draining out during oil change.
  2. Opens residue clogged oil passageways: Having 6 chemical cleaners, Mega Power dissolves sludge back into an oily form so filtering or drain-out can remove it. Oil flow then starts again.
  3. Restores your motors proper breathing: Does so by cleaning piston rings, cleaning dirty intake and exhaust valves, and several smog reducing components: A simple 2 step method includes freeing and cleaning of your fuel system, combustion area, piston rings, and their valves, ending the causes of sludge - as residues are taken away - the cleaning process.
  4. Provides Conditioners to lubricate oil-starved parts: MC+, included, a raw-friction and oil-modifier will crawl where oil can't lubricate, or is blocked, thereby introducing superior lubrication until oil delivery is assured by the cleaning process.
  5. Your motor needs Mega Power!

Most part store and quick lube flush additive products are solvents.

  • Solvents clean well, but what they remove in one place, is often dropped off in other places - to block oil passage ways - that is their biggest complaint, as this creates a new oil starvation problem and more engine damage.
  • Mega Power is a chemical anti-wear.

What Mega Power does in your motor that's better.

  • Ends sludge formation: Since dirty, sticky, lazy piston rings no longer can block combustion escape, the "blowby of combustion"  goes down into your motor's oil. When that happens, your oil will sludge eye-blinking fast!

Sludge Removal: Sludge is caused by the above dirty engine problems Mega Power chemically ends for you - avoiding overhaul

  • The Mega Power cleaning and freeing process - uses anti-wear chemical cleaners and conditioners to clean and free the blow-by return system, and also clean and free your pistons 3 bracelet-like steel rings on each of your motor's pistons. Mega Power cleaning factors restore your motor's sludge avoiding process ending your dirty motor problem.
  • Mega Power Conditioners not only clean, they heal wear roughen and damaged surfaces - a power-boosting and engine-revitalizing advantage. See sludge removal demo video n this point. 
  • Compared to a quick rinse - usually called a flush using solvent-based products your motor gets what it needs with the Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment.

Nearly every mechanic will tell you from experience, that Part Store and Quick Lube engine flushes will resettle your engine sludge in among your valve lifters, valves, and oil pump screen.

That is because Part Store and Quick Lube engine flushes are solvents.

Solvents clean well, maybe too good - as solvents strip the lubrication off every part - leaving your engine with-out oil until the new oil is installed and circulates. You don't want your motor to run without oil for 5 minutes during this time - NO!

What do they care? Part stores and mechanics make their real money selling rebuilt engines and replacement parts to customers and they  profit off such problems by charging you $1500 to $3500 for an engine rebuild. That $1500 to $3500 is one way...

Pictured here is the Mega Power Sludge Removing Treatment.

Mega Power's sludge removing method

The Mega Power Treatment cost $250, if a mechanic installs Mega Power. Under $100, if you follow my simple method for sludge removal.

2 step Directions for sludge removal:

Mega Power Sludge Removing Treatment comes with 6 items. The same 6 a mechanic will install. 3 for top of motor cleaning, and 3 for bottom of motor cleaning - installed in this way.

  1. Step one: Install 3 items in the gas and oil as shown and drive for a week with them cleaning the top of motor areas.
  2. Step two: A week later, you do an oil change using items marke 4, 5, and 6. #4 goes into the dirty oil 10 minutes before you change oil to liquefy sludge and drain out with the dirty oil.
  3. Items 5 and 6 go in with the new oil to assure lubrication, healing of damages surfaces and to add protective conditioners. You will notoice an improvement with each step and as you drive, more cleaning takes place. This avoid overhaul expense 
    Order Mega Power now, online, while here. Mega Power is sold with a money back guarantee - if not pleased with results.

Ordering Mega Power

One Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment. Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. Phone help, if needed. Just $75 plus $15s&h= $90 total. 

Order 2 Mega Power Treatments - Protect both car engines...

Order Two Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatments: For 2 cars: 12 items. Keep  both your cars healthy - as your restore this cars health - using the same products and tips.  Just $130 total for 2 motor treatments. 12 items. Plus $15s&h= $145 total. Save $35.

The following reviews the Mega Power Sludge Removing Product and gives the Directions for its usage.

Mega Power is successful in restoring full oil pressure, quieting noisy valves, freeing piston rings, and other needed cleaning details - to have your dirty motor running great in short order.

How to clean your engine properly the Mega Power Way  

  • My method outlined here is and easy to do is what you need! Here is why!
  • Mega Power restores full oil pressure to valves, pistons, rings, and lifters for a clean quiet, strong running motor again.
  • Mega Power is guaranteed to please. And delivery takes 3 days by FedEx or USPS.

So, if your mechanic tells you the bad news and the expensive remedy he has - that probably comes as a shock, and a surprise to you. 

I'll help you! I'm a mechanic who has dealt with this condition many times.

I'm an expert in the use of additives to end such problems.

My method works 95 times out of 100 times. Those it can't help get a refund! Please note: 2 refunds last 267 days.

If you read this far, your motor needs Mega Power!

  • I use - and recommend a high-tech chemistry cleaner from a company called Mega Power - and I'll show you how easy it is to use to remove your harmful engine sludge.
  • That is the difference between me and most mechanic's. They are trained to tear apart, hand clean and fix - or replace dirty and costly to you parts as a remedy.
  • My way is to install Mega Power to do the fix to avoid tearing apart your engine to hand clean it.

This page explains what me and tens of thousands believe is the  better, safer way to remove engine sludge.

Sludge removal products, and tips for prevention.

Our Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment is easy to install by anyone.

Driving does the cleaning - and the car will run great again. All other sludge removal products tell you not to drive with their product in the motor. They warn you - Remove their product in a few minutes. What does that tell you? It tells you their product is dangerous.

And your mechanic? There's is nothing more disconcerting to upset your day than for your mechanic to say "You engine is running bad because it is full of sludge."

The next thing your mechanic says is, "to fix the problem, your motor needs a valve job - where we take the top of your motor off, called the engine heads, and send them to the machine shop for boil-out and re-machining of its many parts.

The total expense for all the machining and engine cleaning and part replacement, with a new engine gasket set will run just a bit over "$2000."

You tell him, "all that is a surprise and you will have to check with the budget department head, your wife, before any decision is made." The next day you tell others about your dirty motor.

Some suggest your trying a sludge removing additive from the parts store, to see if that will get you by for a while. 

What you should know about sludge removing additives.

At the parts store, you're shown a few engine flush products.   You read the label warnings. They suggest the product only remain in your motor for one minute or so and that the engine speed remain at idle to avoid engine damage.

You pass on that and go to the internet.

This web site seems encouraging and now you're reading this page.

How new sludge removing products from Mega Power work.

Compared to  older style engine sludge removing additives commonly sold at part stores - and known to be harmful in engines, the new breed of engine cleaners from Mega Power are 100% safe.  It's Ok to drive with Mega Power in your motor!

Mega Power contains friction modifiers and surface protectors - all an aid to assure perfect lubrication while sludge removing. Mega Power becomes a horsepower motor revitalizer during the sludge removing process! That's very good for your motor of course!

Blowby is so hot it quickly sludge's good oil. Molecules of sludge will then float and travel going to the last part in the oil delivery system - your valve lifters. Your motor will become more noisier that ever. Your motor sounds like your grandma's sewing machine after use of part store and quick lube engine flushes. 

How mechanics handle sludge

Sludge plugs up oil delivery passageways. Lack of lubrication  causes friction, and grinding on critical engine parts. Major damage results so, - overhaul $2000+, or a new engine $3500+ is what you will need at some point in time.

Our Mega Power way cost about $250 if a mechanic installs it for you. About $100, if you install Mega Power yourself.

You could go in debt for a $15,000 or more for a new car for 5 years of payments to end your problem, also.  Traditional engine sludge removing harm is done away with our top recommended Mega Power's Engine Cleaning Treatment.

So our Number 1 Tip is add our Mega Power Engine Treatment and  sludge remover without delay. Order now, get on down the road of life running great again.

A simple 2 step procedure using 3 products for top-of-motor cleaning, and 3 products a week later at an oil change for bottom-of-motor cleaning.  Driving does the actual work.

Mega Power is not a solvent, but contains 6 chemical anti-wear cleaners and friction modifiers that guarantee lubrication and your engines smooth operation. See our video below.

Order more Mega Power- Protect both car engines...

Order Two Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatments: For 2 cars: 12 items. Keep  both your other cars healthy - as your restore this cars health - using the same products and tips.  Just $130 total for 2 motor treatments. 12 items. Plus $15s&h= $145 total. Save $35.

Order more Mega Power- Protect both car engines...

Order Two Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatments: For 2 cars: 12 items. Keep  both your other cars healthy - as your restore this cars health - using the same products and tips.  Just $130 total for 2 motor treatments. 12 items. Plus $15s&h= $145 total. Save $35.

The cleaning process is done as you drive between one or two oil changes. Immediate performance improvement occurs during initial cleaning, and as oil circulation occurs, during the simple 2 step install.

That's the good news about the cleaning process we recommend.

Compared to other flush products Mega Power leads the way - with their Mega Power Engine Cleaning Treatment.

How new sludge removing products avoid costly overhaul.

While only a new engine is 100% clean it is not necessary to remove all sludge. Just that potion that causes the problem and that portion that hampers lubrication.

The Mega Power's Sludge Removing Treatment removes the above 4 causes of sludge making – as you drive. Improvement is almost immediate!

To add extra protection, Mega Power's Sludge Removing Treatment includes  2 critical MC+ lube ingredient advantages.

  • These go and lube where oil cannot. This is critical as it provides needed lubrication to assure raw friction does not destroy your engine during the cleaning process, until oil passage ways are opened and free flowing again!
  • Mega Power MC+also adds a co-polymer, layering itself as a seal on piston and cylinder walls, closing wear gaps, and blocking blowby escape - the cause of sludge formation.
  • This keeps more combustion on top of your piston for greater horsepower development  - and is a sludge reducing factor.
  • Order Mega Power above and protect all your motors from the damage sludge formation causes.