Quiets noisy motor fast. Product fills noisy motor wear gaps for a smooth, quite, powerful, motor again

End your noisy motor problem. New pour-in-n-drive noise ending motor aid has car owners jumping with joy over overhual-like results.

Here's why.

Motor noise is caused by 5 harnful conditions

  1. Sulpher in the oil and gas making acids - they eat away the surfaces of your pistons bearings valves and gears. The first gap opening negative in your noisy motor.
  2. Oil breakdown allows moving parts to slide directly on the opposite surface - creating friction, wear, and spaces that should not be there.
  3. Oil breakdown residues stick the pistons rings. This prevents them from expanding to block combustion from excaping. Combustion does escape and this makes a gooey film of the motor oil.
  4. Sticky valves is one side effect. The stickyness slows and throws-off the closing sequence[timing] of the valve - upsetting, lowering the full combustion potential. One more power killer.
  5. Friction drag, dirty, sticky, wear-roughen pistons, bearings, valves, and gears wear out years sooner - and you hear the noise the gaps that appeared, make. Not good right?

The two remedies

  1. Wait until the weakest part breaks and get a $2500 motor overhaul. Hope it don't happen when you most depend upon your car.
  2. Try the new Worn Motor Treatment from Mega Power

Mega Power, a research product developer has figured out the 6 chemicals needed to reverse those noisy motor conditions.

Its my job to expalin it and show you how to use it. Its easy.

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    Send a few minutes to learn how Mega Power has really invented a great way to help you get a lot more good out of your cars and equipment - new and older, worn ones.

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I'm george christ. America's expert of this type of car and equipment care.

    Many thousands of car owners follow my way of car care - it ended their problem - I'll show you how to end your problem - like a noisy motor.

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