Mega Power Internal Engine Cleaner. Safely and quickly ends sludge tap oil loss. Restores power, puts off overhaul need.

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This DIY cleaning method is a safe way to remove sludge.

    You may have read in forums people suggesting transmission fluid, diesel fuel, even switch to synthetic oil - as a method to solve sludge problems. You read, those don't work!

    They suggest you get Wix filters, and change just the filter half way thru the oil change interval. The sludge problem persist.

    Some even suggest using solvent based engine flushes. You may have heard horror stories about those part store and quick lube flushes.

    _ All to no avail.

This method is the best because

This picture shows

    One half of your motor's sludge affected areas.

    Your problem is located in this piston valve area. The arrows show the causes of your motor's sludge-caused rough idle, power loss, and blow-by. Our dirty engine cleaning method ends those problems - when nothing else can!

    The other half of your sludge problem is in your motor's oiling system, or both. Our new product removes sludge in those areas too - and then adds like-new dependability to your motor - while cleaning your motor clean. We call it Mega Power cleaning.

DIY problem solving internal engine cleaner.

What you should know about Mega Power internal engine cleaning

    Mega Power uses 4 new internal engine cleaners...Plus

    A friction modifier, and a co-polymer. The 6 item, within a few minutes, remove residues and sludge - in all 6 areas most affected by sludge and deposits. Not just the oiling section.

Using 2 simple steps

    Really, the best engine sludge removing method is done during a $3000 engine over-hall.

    This cleaning method, using the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, cleans your motor - top and bottom, including those areas in the picture above - the cause of your sludge, rapid wear, and performance problems.

    One steps cleans. Doing so is the easiest, safest, and best method so far invented to clean your motor.

    The other step restores your motor's power, smoother running, and helps puts off engine overhaul - for years, customers tell us. So will you! Driving does the actual fix - after you install the product. it's easy to do.

    Order this product today! Get on down the road of life again - trouble-free!

The harm sludge causes

    Sludge forms when your motors piston rings become coating with oil breakdown and combustion residues. Sludge is acidic.

    Each time you change oil that sticky acidic film remains behind. Some of the additives in your fresh oil are consumed removing that residue or neutralizing those acids.

After 75,000 or more miles of driving

    That collection of residues begins to noticeably deter the like-new power development your car has.

    More than a tune up is needed.
    When sticky piston rings no longer can keep your engine oil from being sucked up into the combustion area -

    And plugged oil passage ways shut down oil delivery to your valves and valve lifters - tapping occurs, along with idling and fuel economy problems.

    Avoid solvent based cleaners, flushes, and solvent-based stop leaks. Solvents clean well, but destroy you motor oils lubricity.

And you also need to reduce friction

    - as well as clean! That is because engine friction increases wear out at a much faster rate. Mega Power includes 2 friction reducing ingredients as part of your engine cleaning advantage.

    3 of the Mega Power Motor Treatment ingredients have MC+ anti-wear advantages which stop friction drag from absorbing the motors power that should be going to the wheels - to speed you down the road, and end the speeding up of your motors wear out.

    The 6 item treatment cleaning result given feels like a sudden tune up - like power a bigger motor would produce, yet gives you fuel economy again, like a smaller motor gives.

    Its pretty amazing - the first drive experience after the install provides you. You need this product to end wear and performance problems now - and to extend your cars life!

Order this 2 step internal engine cleaner today! End your motors dirty problem - for good. Order here:
The Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment, internal engine cleaner.

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