New engine oil treatment from Mega Power helping car, equipment owners extend vehicle life after ending motor performance problems

Mega Power's engine oil treatment uses Hi-tech anti-wear to end power loss, oil burning, blowby, and noise. Doing so restores years more dependable performance. Mega Power is restoring years more dependable performance in older, out of warranty vehicles, saving car and equipment owners costly overhaul and repair, or replacement expense.

This 6 item engine oil treatment from Mega Power owes its motor problem ending ability to 6 new, problem ending cleaners, anyone can easily install.

Mega Power's secret is that it goes where oil cannot - to the root  of your power deterring condition.

  • By using a simple 2 step motor install procedure, anyone can install, you can have your motor run good as new, often with just a little bit of driving.
  • Since 6 of your motor's areas contribute to wear and tear's oil burning, combustion blowby, sticky valves, valve lifters, sticky piston rings, and friction drag, you have the only chemical tool around to end...
  • Motor oil burning. Combustion escape into your motor oil, called blowby.
  • Sludge caused, valve and lifter tapping.
  • Rough motor idle, running, and or mysterious stalling.

With Mega Power's ability to end those problems

  • Mega Power ends the undependability feeling wear and friction caused power loss gives your car, making you think the motor is worn out - when it's not!
  • Customers say, they are amazed at Mega Power's strong friction reducing, like-new restoring advantage. So am I - and several other pages detail the restoring capability of Mega Power.

Mike says, his motor sounded like bad rock music ready to die. Then, changed to running like a smooth symphony power and smoothness, shortly after he installed Mega Power in his 12 year old car motor.

....."So now the music that my engine was producing was a concern to me. In the back of my mind I was wondering what damage was I causing by ignoring this issue.

I did not want to go into the engine on a seek and destroy mission so I started asking around for opinions. I spoke to a work associates one morning at work. What he told me did not make me happy at all. He said:

He could hear my engine making a tapping noise even across the parking lot before he walked up to me. He told me that some times the nuts that hold down the spring loaded rocking mechanisms ( for a lack of a better term) could be loose and may need to be torched back down.

Read Mikes "car music to his ears car" experience.

If you read this far, you may feel Mega Power may be the engine oil treatment your car or equipment needs. If so, try Mega Power at no risk, and see for yourself what tens of thousands of us Mega Power users swear by - a great running car and equipment again..

Like us, your motor will run like a great orchestra with this engine oil treatment from Mega Power!

How to install Mega Power Engine Oil Treatment and ordering info